Traceability and Accountability into Tissue Processing with the HistoCore PELORIS 3

Leica Biosystems today announced the addition of the HistoCore PELORIS 3 Premium Tissue Processor to its full line of histology equipment and consumables. HistoCore PELORIS 3 introduces unique track and trace features to provide traceability and accountability, while delivering high quality tissue processing and an enhanced user experience.

“We are very excited to introduce traceability and accountability into tissue processing with the HistoCore PELORIS 3,” stated Peter Reimer, Vice President of Core Histology of Leica Biosystems. “Through feedback from our customers, we have developed a tissue processor that is truly designed for the user. I am confident that our solution will help enhance the high quality standards required in the lab.”


HistoCore PELORIS 3 is the world’s first tissue processor incorporating an easy-to-use solution for track and trace. The integrated bar code scanner and on-board reporting module associate the samples with the processing program, reagent details and user information. This helps eliminate manual records, while providing a higher level of specimen safety with traceability.

Two built-in density meters reduce potential errors in reagent exchanges and allow for better reproducibility. This innovative “smart” feature monitors reagent status and alerts the user of incorrect concentrations to protect the integrity of the tissue.

New user-friendly features include a 12.1 inch (30.73 cm) color touch screen with smooth workflow navigation, LED back lit bottles for better visibility, a convenient wax scraper, liquid level sensor tool, a redesigned basket with integrated handle for increased stability, and wedges on the retort lid to provide secure basket placement.

In addition, HistoCore PELORIS 3 maintains market leading capabilities, including ActivFlo technology for rapid and conventional processing, while providing the productivity to accommodate up to 600 cassettes via the patented dual retort design.

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