Transasia Bio -Medicals unveils “Lisa XL” at the 15th Asia-Pacific Federation for Clinical Biochemistry & Laboratory Medicine Congress in Jaipur

India’s first six plate ELISA processor for Transfusion Transmitted Infections(TTIs) & other Biochemical Markers, Lisa XL’s Rapid Turnaround Time (TAT) leads to low Cost Per Test (CPT)

Jaipur, November 18, 2019: The Transasia-Erba group today unveiled Lisa XL, India’s first six plate ELISA processor at the 15th Asia-Pacific Federation for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine Congress (APFCB) being held in Jaipur currently. The device was formally unveiled by Prof. Praveen Sharma, Chairman, Organizing Committee, APFCB Congress, in the presence of Ravi Kaushik, CEO, Transasia Bio-Medicals, Anil Jotwani, Sr. President, Transasia Bio-Medicals and Louis Villar, Commercial Manager, South-East Asia, Erba Group. Designed at Transasia-Erba’s European subsidiary, Lisa XL can perform upto 576 tests at one go, making it a preferred choice for laboratories & blood banks with high workload. Transasia also displayed its entire suite of products in Biochemistry, Urinalysis and Hematology at the conference. The new  instrument is already registered with the Government e-Marketing (GeM) a government digital e-market platform to sell Lisa XL.

Commenting on the new equipment, Anil Jotwani, Sr. President, Transasia Bio-Medicals, said, “Today blood banks have to ensure stringent screening with quality instruments and reagent kits. Considering the high volume of testing in India, there is a need to equip blood banks here with the latest technology that enable faster diagnosis without compromising on quality. Also shorter turnaround time also leads to lower cost per test which is important considering pricing is a major factor in India. Microplate processors in India are 1, 2 or 4 plates. By introducing a six plate processor, the first in the country, we are targeting large blood banks.  The new Lisa XL is part of our commitment to making healthcare affordable in India through delivery of world-class diagnostics at competitive prices.” 


A complete walk-away system, Lisa XL offers a host of features to maximize the efficiency of ELISA processing. Dual probes with powerful robotic engineering allow simultaneous and sequential dispensing of samples in less than 14 minutes and reagents in less than 5 minutes in 96 wells. Lisa XL is in fact the only analyzer in India which processes serum and whole blood simultaneously. For greater accuracy, each microplate has a dedicated temperature controlled incubator with orbital shaking at variable speed, making it the only microplate processor in India with this feature. Further, multiple aspiration and Super Sweep Mode ensures superior washing with minimal residual volume. 

The new Lisa XL will be highly beneficial in high workload settings for the accurate detection of transfusion transmitted infections like HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Malaria and Syphilis among others which are transmitted through blood. Not just the TTIs, Lisa XL is beneficial to evaluate a wide range of other biochemical markers for Diabetes, Steroid, Inflammatory, Autoimmune disorders, Bone Metabolism, Tumour, Cardiac and anemia markers which can be performed by ELISA in high workload settings. The Erba-Transasia group has been at the forefront of bringing the latest technology from its European subsidiaries and customizing it to meet the needs of the emerging markets. With 15 global subsidiaries the group is fast moving towards its goal of becoming one of the top four companies of the world, offering Total Diagnostic Solutions. It has recently expanded its operations base in Vietnam. Mr. Louis Villar, Commercial Manager, South-East Asia, Erba Group, was a part of the event. Speaking about Erba’s plan for the South East Asian market he added, “We are very excited to be able to serve our customers across South East Asia and support our channel partners from within Vietnam. We have a dedicated team ready to support our customers with application and service expertise as well as sales and marketing.”

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