Transplant specialist Dr Suresh Raghavaiah joins BGS Gleneagles, Kengeri

Dr Raghavaiah has performed 800 kidney transplants, 600 liver transplants, 50 pancreas transplants, and 500+ complex Hepatobiliary surgeries 

Liver and pancreas transplant surgeon, Dr Suresh Raghavaiah, has taken over the mantle of HoD and Chief Transplant Surgeon at Karnataka’s top Multi-organ Transplant Centre – BGS Gleneagles Hospital, Kengeri, a unit of IHH Healthcare Berhad, Asia’s largest private group.  

Having performed over 800 kidney transplants, 600 liver transplants, 50 pancreas transplants, and 500+ complex Hepatobiliary surgeries, Dr Raghavaiah is passionate about bringing access, affordability, and awareness of transplants to each citizen. He aims to dispel misconceptions around transplants, emphasising the longevity of post-liver transplants, the advancements in treating advanced liver diseases medically, the substantial decrease in the cost of immune suppression medicines, and the safety of living donors for liver transplants. Furthermore, he advocates the benefits of pancreas transplants for eligible diabetic patients and underscores the importance of addressing alcohol addiction before considering a liver transplant. 

Gleneagles Hospitals, under Dr Raghavaiah’s leadership, offers comprehensive care in Kengeri and will craft a global centre of excellence with advanced medical therapy, a dedicated liver ICU, artificial liver support, and end-to-end liver disease care. 

“As I join BGS Gleneagles Hospitals, I am inspired by our combined commitment to excellence in transplantation. I am confident that together with my team of transplant surgeons, physicians, anesthesiologists, Intensivists, and multi-departmental caregivers, we will elevate the standards of care, building on the heritage of BGS Gleneagles Hospitals in pioneering and leading multi-organ transplant programs for Karnataka,” says Dr Suresh Raghavaiah, HOD and Chief Transplant Surgeon. 

In the words of Dr Smitha Thammaiah, Cluster Medical Director, BGS Gleneagles Hospitals, “Dr Raghavaiah brings unparalleled expertise to our hospital, ensuring that BGS Gleneagles Hospitals remains at the forefront of transplantation, delivering results that match up to international standards.” 

Biju Nair, Cluster COO, Gleneagles Hospitals Bengaluru, expresses his enthusiasm, stating, “We are thrilled to welcome Dr Raghavaiah to our esteemed institution. With BGS Gleneagles’ long-standing history of pioneering leadership in the multi-organ transplant programme for Karnataka, and now with Dr Raghavaiah’s expertise, we are poised to continue setting new benchmarks in healthcare accessibility and excellence. It is my earnest hope that given our world-class expertise and infrastructure, the public will be inspired to make organ donations a comfortable choice to benefit many more people.”


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