Treatment Story: Parvathy Hospital Conducts Complicated Single Innovative Surgery

Compound fracture in right leg and multiple fracture dislocation in ankle

Chennai, 17th July, 2019: Parvathy Hospital, Chennai today announced that they had successfully conducted a complicated innovative single surgery treating compound fractures in both Ankle and right leg, free of cost to a patient who sustained serious injuries in an accident. The highly complex surgical treatment and procedure was conducted by team of orthopedic surgeons headed by Dr. Dharmaraj, Director – Orthopedics, Parvathy Hospital, Chennai to a 33-year-old patient enabling him to regain his limb and to resume his natural work in near future.

The patient, Mr Albert, a lorry driver, had earlier met with an accident sustained a fracture dislocation to his right hip joint, with compound fracture in right leg and multiple fracture dislocation in his ankle. He also suffered a nerve injury and was unable to move his leg and ankle with loss of sensation.


A team of orthopaedic doctors examined the patient and immediately operated hip joint cup. A series of plastic surgeries were performed for coverage of wound and skin. After complete wound management done to the patient, a complicated single surgery with innovative Tibiotalocalcaneal (TTC) fusion nail procedure was performed to the patient successfully.

Elaborating the procedure, Dr. Dharmaraj, Director – Orthopedics, Parvathy Hospital said, “The patient was having a flail limb. His bones were displaced and his limb was not moving and he suffered with disorganized ankle. A single surgery was performed to address both leg and ankle fracture. This single surgery procedure, Tibiotalocalcaneal (TTC) fusion nail was performed in an innovative method which saved his leg.

Dr.S. Muthukumar , Chairman & Chief Orthopedic Surgeon, Parvathy Hospital said, “We did this Tibiotalocalcaneal (TTC) fusion procedure free of cost to the patient  considering his economic condition. The idea of the surgery is to enable the patient back to his normal condition. We have given the patient a viable and walkable limb in spite of going for an amputation procedure”.

Speaking on his recovery, the patient said, “I insisted the doctors to amputate my leg but, the doctors at Parvathy Hospital performed a surgery saving both my legs. I am confident that sooner I can resume my natural work.”

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