Trust Well Hospital opens unit to treat Black Fungus – Mucormycosis infection

Over 15 Black Fungus surgeries have been performed at the hospital

Bengaluru-based Trust Well Hospital has set up a special unit to treat patients suffering from Black Fungus – Mucormycosis post-Covid recovery. 


Dr Deepak Haldipur, Head of the Department of Special Treatment of Mucormycosis at Trust Well Hospital said, “Incorrect use of life-saving steroids in COVID-19 cases without the advice of a doctor can increase the sugar level in diabetic patients. Also, this fungus increases in severity when immunity is reduced. This fungus can also occur in cases where the water used in the oxygen humidifier is not sterilised. The doctor should be contacted immediately if you experience any of these symptoms: pain in one side of the face; swelling/pain in the eyes; nausea in the nose; bleeding in the nose; loosening of teeth; black or brown spot on top of mouth; change in eyesight.”

Dr HV Madhusudhan said, “Over 15 Black Fungus surgeries have been performed at Trust Well Hospital in the last two weeks. It was a silent killer infection, and in the first wave of coronary care, only 33 patients were treated. However, this time it is very alarming that 38 people get infected in just two weeks.” 

He advised that those who are cured, especially those suffering from diabetes, should beware.

A speciality unit has been created at Trust Well Hospital to treat it. The team included Dr Deepak Haldipur, Director of ENT Division and Dr Narak Singh, Director of Neurosciences. H. V Madhusudhan, Maxillofacial Specialist Dr Aditya Murthy, Eye Specialist Dr Preity Kali. So far, 38 patients have been treated.

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