Ultra mini scope technology helps patient remove rare kidney stone

62-year-old treated for calyceal diverticular stone at Columbia Asia Hospital Sarjapur Road

62-year-old Prakash suffering from calyceal diverticular stone was recently treated by Dr Manohar Badrappa, Consultant – Urology and Renal Transplant Surgeon at Columbia Asia Hospital Sarjapur Road. Suffering from an immense pain, an immediate CT scan helped in identifying calyceal diverticular stone which rarely forms in the kidneys.


Calyceal diverticular stone is a small blind pouch arising from collecting system of kidney and it has small opening to enter. One in thousand develop these stone and if such kidney stones are left unidentified and untreated it can lead to formation of pus and if associated with any other comorbid illnesses it can lead to sepsis in turn leading to higher mortality.

Talking about the case, Dr Badrappa, said, “The scan revealed a 1.2mm size stone in Prakash’s kidney. Usually for the kidney stone removal, 8mm diameter hole is made during the surgery. But in this case, we have used ultra mini scope technology where only 2.5 mm hole was made to extract the stone. This was completed in a day care procedure and subsequently the patient was discharged on the same day. The early diagnosis of the condition helped in the surgery and the faster recovery.”

According to the hospital, the patient has completely recovered after the surgery.



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