University of Glasgow names research centre after John Shaw, Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

The Mazumdar-Shaw Advanced Research Centre to be operational in June 2022

The University of Glasgow has honoured John Shaw, former Vice-Chairman of Biocon, and Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Executive Chairperson of Biocon and Biocon Biologics, by naming the University’s new research centre after them. The Mazumdar-Shaw Advanced Research Centre will be home to over 500 researchers from a range of disciplines, facilitating world changing collaborative research. The £116 million building will officially open in June 2022.


John Shaw, who is a Glasgow University graduate, along with his wife Ms Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw had gifted $7.5 million to the University in July 2019. Their donation has been used to set up a new research hub within the University campus and to create a Professorial Chair, the Mazumdar-Shaw Chair of Molecular Pathology. Their contribution to the University complements philanthropic investments made by them across the world, stimulating research and innovation and supporting education. The University wanted to recognise their generous contribution and commitment to support the science & innovation ecosystem in Glasgow and accordingly decided to name the Centre as The Mazumdar-Shaw Advanced Research Centre.

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw said, ”John and I are honoured to have this fantastic research facility bear our name. The decision to gift to Glasgow was easy, we both feel very strongly that there is a responsibility to share wealth to make a difference. The ARC is about catalysing change in research and that resonates with us. Philanthropy can be a catalyst for change, growth, improvement and development. We are both grateful that we are in the fortunate position to contribute to John’s alma mater and help the University achieve its aspirational goals.”

The $7.5 million donation was used to help fund the building of the Mazumdar-Shaw Advanced Research Centre and create a Professorial Chair, the Mazumdar-Shaw Chair of Molecular Pathology.

Mr John Shaw is an alumnus of the University of Glasgow, where he completed his M.A. (Hons.) in History and Political Economy in 1970.

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