User Experience Primary differentiator for Digital Health Platform

Vinod Kumar Reddy, Founder & CEO at Zoylo Digihealth Pvt Ltd

What is the market for the digital healthcare platform in India?

Digital healthcare platforms which combine the benefits of electronic health records, mHealth, Telemedicine, video consultations, telecare and the like have already seen good appreciation in the last few years. The telemedicine sector which was worth 100 million USD in 2011 has seen four times growth by the end of 2017. As per few reports mHealth is set to be worth 1 billion USD by 2020. The Indian medical tourism sector, which is also supported by digital platforms, is experiencing 22-25% annual growth with an expected value of US $6 billion by the end of this year. The Indian healthcare market which is growing at a CAGR of 22.9% reaching 280 billion USD by 2020 will definitely witness huge inflows from the digital healthcare sector which is expected to play a defining role in the upgradation of Indian healthcare industry.  

Under this catalyzing atmosphere, I find the digital healthcare market in India a very fertile ground. It is still unstructured and unorganized opening wide opportunities for planned investments and improvisation of existing digital systems. With immense scope of growth in the market, we are just …

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