User Experience Primary differentiator for Digital Health Platform

Vinod Kumar Reddy, Founder & CEO at Zoylo Digihealth Pvt Ltd

What is the market for the digital healthcare platform in India?

Digital healthcare platforms which combine the benefits of electronic health records, mHealth, Telemedicine, video consultations, telecare and the like have already seen good appreciation in the last few years. The telemedicine sector which was worth 100 million USD in 2011 has seen four times growth by the end of 2017. As per few reports mHealth is set to be worth 1 billion USD by 2020. The Indian medical tourism sector, which is also supported by digital platforms, is experiencing 22-25% annual growth with an expected value of US $6 billion by the end of this year. The Indian healthcare market which is growing at a CAGR of 22.9% reaching 280 billion USD by 2020 will definitely witness huge inflows from the digital healthcare sector which is expected to play a defining role in the upgradation of Indian healthcare industry.  


Under this catalyzing atmosphere, I find the digital healthcare market in India a very fertile ground. It is still unstructured and unorganized opening wide opportunities for planned investments and improvisation of existing digital systems. With immense scope of growth in the market, we are just trying to make a difference in this sector through our platform and its large scale contributions that aims at bridging the gap between the users and the service providers.

What are the benefits of a map based digital healthcare platform?

User experience matters a lot for any product to succeed in the market. The concept of map-based platform is conceived to enhance this experience and enable the users to locate the service providers on a map for better understanding of the location, its distance, and availability. It gives a better visual understanding where anyone can compare the availability of different service providers to choose the one which is easily accessible. It comes as an add-on to the existing digital platform services which users are already delighted to explore and use.

Nonetheless, we need to pre-estimate the ever-rising expectations of the millennials who are keen to explore the next level of digital services. Zoylo’s map-based service is a step in that direction offering a pleasing and resourceful interface to the users.    

What are the basic roadblocks to success for digital healthcare platform like yours?

There are certain challenges restricting the momentum in digital healthcare domain. I feel, bridging the gap between patients and service providers require sharing of critical information which becomes difficult in an unstandardized environment with undefined policies. Also, reaching out to 1 billion plus target people with solutions for their specific demands needs exponential scaling up of the efforts considering the ever-increasing competition. Not only this, creating a digital platform that offers comparable information on various medical services with unmatched transparency seems difficult owing to personal limitations of service providers and their own business policies.

There are similar digital healthcare platforms already in the market, how is your platform different?

There might be similar platforms but the varying approach, business model, and the vision creates space for progressive survival and growth for every business entity. Instead of aggregating a given set of healthcare services, we focus on being a one-stop destination for entire health and wellness needs targeting diverse users group who prefer virtual services as well as those who prefer in-clinic visits and consultations. We aim at connecting to people solving their most basic need in the easiest way possible. The map-based platform is one step towards the enhancement of user experience taking digital healthcare to the next level. The standard digital platform, transparency of features & information, and user-centric business model are all quite appealing and is encouraging high level of health responsiveness among the people.

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