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Veritas launches genomic analysis for COVID-19 response

A saliva sample is used to perform the analysis so anyone can easily access the service through Veritas or Veritas partners network

Veritas Intercontinental has launched its new service analysing the individual´s response to COVID-19 through whole genome or whole exome sequencing with the objective of personalising the treatment to avoid medical complications.


A saliva sample is used to perform the analysis so anyone can easily access the service through Veritas or Veritas partners network. Those who already have their genome sequenced through the myGenome by Veritas genomic service can obtain the COVID-19 study by allowing Veritas’ to reanalyse their existing information without the need of taking a sample.

From the onset of the pandemic, different scientific advances have allowed the identification of genetic factors related to the most serious forms of COVID-19. These factors are generally related to other conditions that a person has but may not have fully developed. The conditions related to genetic factors can increase the risk of complications from a SARS–CoV–2 infection.

The result of this genetic study can provide a medical professional information to anticipate patient´s management that can possibly reduce the morbidity and mortality of COVID-19 treatment.

The COVID-19 risk panel analyses genes with sufficient scientific evidence and offers precise information on three groups of pathologies. The first group identifies those related to the drugs used to treat the disease. The second group studies the factors that cause reversible metabolic or thrombotic crises. The third group studies the genetic factors related to diseases that cause cardiopulmonary complications.

According to Dr Luis Izquierdo, a clinical geneticist and Chief Medical Officer, Veritas Intercontinental, genetic factors are decisive to understand the different responses that we are witnessing in patients with similar characteristics. “This test – he indicates- is very important because people with pathogenic variants in these genes have a higher risk of complications and this information allows a medical specialist to personalise the treatment in case of COVID-19 infection. For example, carriers of pathogenic variants related to long-QT syndrome may present cardiac arrhythmias for the first time after taking drugs to treat COVID-19. ”

The COVID-19 risk analysis for myGenome patients can be purchased as a stand-alone service or as part of the Veritas new annual subscription model called Genome Life. Genome Life is a service that provides on-going updates utilizing a myGenome client’s already sequenced data. The service offers the possibility to access Veritas Advanced Genomic Services team by providing clients with an annual genetic counseling session, free assessment of additional studies and access to the ‘Talk to the Experts’ genetic support service where patients can send their enquiries about how to maximize the full benefits of their genetic information.



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