Villgro signs MOU with Genworks for winning go-to-market strategy

Bengaluru: Villgro, India’s oldest and foremost social enterprise incubator, has recently signed an MOU with GenWorks, medical device sales and service company to develop joint solution go-to-market that will have a far-reaching impact for Villgro incubated products.

Talking exclusively to IndiaMedToday about the MOU Paul Basil, Founder and CEO, Villgro, said,” One of the challenges social innovators face is access to markets and weak go-to-market strategies. A significant number of our incubatees are B2B and need help from established corporates. We believe that with Genworks’s high-quality network serving the healthcare provider requirements, will help our incubatees build differentiated competitiveness and leadership in its target markets.”


Currently, Genworks is working with 5C Network, B2B teleradiology provider, Villgro Incubatee, to deploy its services in tier 2-3 cities across India. Genworks will be the sales and distribution partner for other Villgro incubatees in the area of mother and child care solutions, NCD and diagnostic solutions as well.

GenWorks is a spun off from Wipro GE Healthcare, has recently raised Rs 65 crore from PE firm Somerset Indus Capital Partners in a 30 percent stake sale. The company serves around 26 states and more than 450 districts across India, with its range of affordable healthcare products and solutions.


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