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Launch of Oasis- Centre for Reproductive Medicine

Oasis Centre for Reproductive Medicine, a unit of the Sadguru Healthcare Services Pvt. Ltd., was recently inaugurated at Vishakapatnam.

Talking on the occasion of the launch of Oasis Centre for Reproductive Medicine at Vishakapatnam Dr
Durga G Rao, Co- Founder and Medical Director of Oasis Centre for Reproductive Medicine said,
“ One of the main reason for starting a Fertility Centre in Vishakapatnam is just not giving another
option for the infertile couple but to give an evidence based ethical transparent and protocol based
treatments to the couple. We at Oasis strongly follow the clinical protocols and algorithm coupled with
cutting edge, latest technology in treating the patient thereby ensuring a higher success rates.” Adding to
this Dr Durga also stressed on the fact about the timing of decision to visit a fertility centre is of utmost
importance, “Many couples delay the start of treatment, it is of utmost importance that the couple who
have already crossed 30 and have not conceived naturally after trying for year, they need to take help
of Assisted Reproductive Technologies, the sooner the better for best clinical outcomes.”

Present during the launch were Chief Guest , Shri  Ghanta Srinivas Rao , Hon’ble Minister for Human Resources Development , Govt of Andhra Pradesh and Guests of Honour Dr Subba Raju MD DGO, Former Addl. DME, Prof. & HOD of Ob. & Gyn. AMC Civil Surgeon KGH (Rtd) and Dr R Sasiprabha MD DGO Prof – Ob.&Gyn. (Rtd) Principal, AMC (Rtd) Director of Med Education (Rtd).

Talking on the occasion Mr Kiran Gadela Co-Founder and Managing Director of Oasis Centre for Reproductive Medicine  stated that “In the past 8 years, we are proud to share that we have built one of the most respected institutions in the field of reproductive medicine in India and have helped over 6000 couples achieve their dream of parenthood,. In addition to delivering quality care, our commitment lies in our compassionate and individualized approach while treating an infertile couple – and from that perspective, today we are dedicating this facility to the people of vishakapatnam region.  Vishakapatnam has always been very close to our heart and we are happy to announce the launch of our 8th Centre in the country and 2nd in the state of Andhra Pradesh. We would also like to share that we are ranked No 1 in the two Telugu States, No 2 in South India and No 3 in the country.”

Talking on the Occasion Sudhaker Jadhav Group Chief Operating Officer commented that “Its our Eight Centre and we are upbeat about opening the Centre in Vishakhapatnam and we are very confident that we will deliver the quality and ethical care to all our patients from this region.

Talking on the occasion Dr Krishna Chaitanya – Scientific Head and Clinical Embryologist  of Oasis Centre for Reproductive Medicine said that “ In India the general notion or myth is that infertility clinics are meant only for treating women, the entire male infertility gamut is just ignored. According to Journal of Reproductive Sciences “Male factor” infertility is seen as an alteration in sperm concentration and/or motility and/or morphology in at least one sample of two sperm analyzes, collected 1 and 4 weeks apart,   in India,  nearly 50% of infertility is related to the reproductive anomalies or disorders in the male. Hence it is important that the male infertility is evaluated completely when a couple come forward for fertility treatment. We, at Oasis pride ourselves about the impeccable standards we maintain in our IVF lab which is an advanced lab. The lab is crucial for the treatments offered at our centre and we ensure that the highest level of quality is maintained here. Our lab is one of the very few labs in India that has proper Total Quality Management in place which optimizes the results of the Assisted Reproductive Techniques. We are first in AP to provide advanced services like PGS/ PGD /IVM/ mTESE/ Vitrification/ Fertility preservation”.

Oasis specializes in dealing clients with previous failed IVF treatments. Often IVF is the last option offered to couples to conceive and its devastating to learn that at times even IVF fails.

Through advanced treatments like PGS, Vetrification, micro-TESE success rates can be improved. At Oasis we treat a lot of couples with history of failed IVF and successfully offer better pregnancy rates. Well trained experienced team with state of ART facilities have helped oasis successfully offer advance treatments all under one roof at Oasis.

Speaking on the occasion Dr Radhika – Clinical Head and and Fertility Specialist at Oasis Centre for Reproductive Medicine Vijayawada said that  “Vishakapatnam city has seen almost a two fold increase in terms of awareness and also an increase in number of male and female fertility in last few  years, While the most common symptom that hints at infertility is irregular menstruation, there are many more reasons. Infertility is caused due to the lack of certain hormones both in women as well as men, One of the recent study has suggested that obesity is one of the commonest cause for fertility and also women who get into planning of not having their babies till they are settled come under the net of fertility issue as the chances of conception decreases drastically over the age of 35. We are happy today to announce the launch of Oasis Centre in Vishakapatnam as we can now cater to the couples here.  The other personal reason for me to be more happy as Oasis Centre is being inaugurated in my own city where I was brought up.”

Adding Further she said  “Oasis is one of the few centres in India and in AP first IVF center to provide PGS & PGD .PGS  & PGD with Next generation sequencing is a recent development in modern medicine which is used it assess the genetic profile of the embryo before it is implanted there by increasing the chances of healthy foetus. This is helpful in couple with multiple failed IVF cycles and previous implantation failures, recurrent pregnancy failures, male factor infertility(Azoospermia), advanced maternal age.”

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