Visual Aids Center introduces AI-enabled robotic laser vision correction in New Delhi

The laser vision correction procedure is set to transform the way people achieve clearer and sharper vision, enhancing their quality of life

Visual Aids Center has announced the introduction of the first-ever AI-enabled robotic laser vision correction surgery in New Delhi, utilising the cutting-edge German technology, ‘SMILE PRO’. The laser vision correction procedure is set to transform the way people achieve clearer and sharper vision, enhancing their quality of life.

Laser vision correction has long been a trusted method for individuals seeking to free themselves from the constraints of spectacles and contact lenses. The introduction of robotic precision with pre-fed algorithm support of nine million eyes, takes this procedure to an entirely new level, ensuring utmost accuracy and minimal discomfort for patients.

Key features of robotic laser vision correction surgery with SMILE PRO:

  • Unparalleled Precision: SMILE PRO employs robotic technology to achieve unmatched precision during every step of the surgery, leading to exceptional visual outcomes.
  • Minimal Discomfort: Patients can expect no discomfort and the fastest recovery time compared to traditional laser vision correction methods.
  • Personalised Treatment: Each surgery is tailored to the individual’s unique eye characteristics, optimizing the results and minimising potential risks. In fact, SMILE PRO procedures are tailored to each individual’s unique vision needs, ensuring the best possible outcome for their specific case. It is built on a track record of more than a decade, delivering outstanding clinical results with over 9 Million Procedures worldwide.
  • Fast and Efficient: The robotic process streamlines the surgery, allowing for fast procedures and shorter patient wait times. Most patients can typically resume their normal activities the very same day, experiencing minimal discomfort during the recovery process. This is a flapless procedure that eliminates the risk of flaps which is sometimes associated with many other laser vision correction procedures.

Dr Arjun Buckshey said, “Safety and long-term results have always been a concern when we talk about Laser Vision Correction. We have to pick and choose suitable candidates for Laser Vision Correction. SMILE PRO by Carl-Zeiss is truly a revolutionary procedure. We have never experienced such visual results in such a short period. AI paralleled with Robotic Laser Precision, gives us a wider range of patients to treat I believe that we will stop making corneal flaps altogether in the next two to three years which we have been conventionally doing through the past 25 years.”

SMILE PRO Carl-Zeiss, the advanced robotic-assisted and AI-powered femto laser for vision correction, has earned the trust of 3000+ doctors worldwide. This remarkable technology has been embraced by ophthalmologists globally, attesting to its effectiveness and reliability. With a strong track record of success and patient satisfaction, SMILE PRO is a massive upgrade from the previously existing SMILE and has become the preferred choice of eye care professionals for delivering fast virtually painless, and precise vision correction procedures. Its widespread adoption underscores its reputation as a transformative solution in the field of ophthalmology, providing patients with a safer and more effective alternative to traditional vision correction methods.

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