Voxtur Bio launches VoxPress COVID-19

VoxPress COVID-19 is an advanced COVID – 19 rapid neutralising antibody test kit

Mumbai-based Voxtur Bio has launched an advanced point of care rapid neutralising antibody test kit VoxPress COVID-19 for detecting neutralising antibodies.


The neutralising antibody rapid test is the fastest and most convenient test format that gives information on the presence or absence of a neutralising antibody. The plaque reduction neutralising test and Elisa methods are very expensive and require sophisticated instruments and trained person to perform the test. On the other hand, VoxPress COVID-19 neutralising antibody is a lateral flow test that detects IgG antibodies to spike protein of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, from a small finger prick of blood in only 15 minutes.

VoxPress COVID-19 is affordable and comes with a rapid turnaround time (15 minutes), high specificity (94 per cent) and sensitivity (100 per cent) and long shelf life of 24 months. It has advantages over the other methods in many ways such as no specific laboratory requirements, no need for specific training of the analyst along with field applicability, easy scalability and mass screening possibility.


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