VPS Lakeshore Hospital: 3D Knee ArmorCoat System TKR performed

In a first in the state, doctors at VPS Lakeshore successfully performed 3D ArmorCoat System total knee replacement surgery on a 66-year-old patient, Radhamani Bhaskaran, a native of Chengannur in Alappuzha.

The surgery was performed by a medical team under Dr. Jacob Varghese and Dr. Bibin Theruvil. According to the doctors, 3D Knee ArmorCoat system increases the stability and comfort level and enables patients to walk and climb without any difficulty.

“The conventionally replaced knee normally last only for 15-18 years. It necessitates complicated, costly and risky revision surgeries in the patients who have undergone knee replacement surgeries at a younger age. ArmorCoat with Vitamin-E poly has been specially designed after taking this factor in consideration,” said Dr. Jacob Varghese.

The ArmorCoat 3D Knee is rated with Gold Standard, a rating created for 3D Knee, popularly known as GOLD ON GOLD Knee, a knee replacement system designed to improve strength, stability, and flexion in patients. According to the doctors, 3D Knee produced 57 per cent less wear in lab tests compared to the premium performing Direct Molded insert components.

Explaining on the knee surgeries, Dr. Bipin Theruvil said that the insert acts a substitute for the cartilage and meniscus, which …

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