Wellness Diagnostics automates its central lab with Mindray’s SAL 9000 Modular System

Wellness Diagnostics will be able to reduce turn-around time and improve productivity by 50 per cent

Wellness Diagnostics, a premier diagnostics lab with rich experience in testing services across North India has automated its central laboratory with Mindray Medical India’s Serum Automation Line Series (SAL) 9000 modular system.


Wellness Diagnostics currently has its reference laboratory equipped with two units of Mindray’s CL-1000i – Chemiluminescence Analyzer, one unit of BS-380 – Biochemistry automated a, one unit of BS240 pro, one unit of BC-6000, and one unit of SAL 9000. 

The SAL 9000 Modular System installed at Wellness Diagnostics delivers a high throughput of chemistry and immune-assay testing by integrating the Mindray BS-2000 Chemistry Analyzer and CL-6000i Chemi-luminescence Immunoassay Analyzer, and new Sample Processing Line (SPL) 2000. With patented automatic serum analysis design, the SAL 9000 not only helps in optimizing the management of lab space and manpower but also offers highly reliable test results. 

Mindray Serum Automation Line Series (SAL) 9000 is a high-functioning, integrated system that connects the clinical chemistry analyzers seamlessly with the chemi-luminescence immunology analysers. Delivering fast and reliable results of both clinical chemistry and immunology tests on one platform, the system helps optimise the laboratory workflow and achieve maximum efficiency at Wellness Diagnostics.

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