Wellthy Therapeutics Presents Real-time Care data at ADA Conference

Results shared via oral presentation and 2 poster presentations at the American Diabetes Association’s (ADA)78th Scientific Sessions

Wellthy Therapeutics, a leading digital health company in chronic disease management through its digital therapeutics platform, recently announced results from several of its real world studies, showing significant improvements in patient outcomes and compliance, along with enhanced decision support for all healthcare stakeholders. These results were presented at the recently concluded American Diabetes Association’s 78th Scientific Sessions in Orlando, FL via two poster presentations (poster 1 and poster 2), and 1 oral presentation. This marks the 11th time that Wellthy Therapeutics has presented in major international conferences, and the 2nd consecutive time at the American Diabetes Association.

Patients used the Wellthy Therapeutics’ Type II Diabetes patient app for 16 weeks, while paramedical staff used the Wellthy Therapeutics’ Type II Diabetes dashboard to monitor and intervene. The result was two fold: an improvement in health behaviours and health outcomes for patients, and a large addition to real world clinical data that helped healthcare stakeholders make better decisions.


In total, 102 patients were given Wellthy Therapeutics’ digital therapeutic for type II diabetes for 16 weeks in addition to their existing anti-diabetic drug prescription. This real world study was supported in part by the Research Society for Diabetes in India, along with one of India’s largest private health insurers.

Patients who improved their HbA1c saw an average drop of (-1.17%) over and above the standard of care, which is significantly higher than the complementary effect of any other entry level prescribed intervention. In addition, 121,675 diabetes related clinical and lifestyle data points were generated in the study, which directly impacted paramedical capability to help patients and improve outcomes, while enabling the artificial intelligence of the Wellthy Therapeutics platform to offer clinically validated real time care to patients. Most encouragingly, this data has the potential to transform physician decision making,           by giving physicians the ability to deliver personalised care through better decision support via continuous patient clinical, lifestyle and behavioural journey data.

Dr Rajeev Chawla, president elect of the Research Society for the Study of Diabetes in India, said, “Non-existence of reliable patient journey data between two visits has been a missing link in diabetes care. These studies show that by using the Wellthy Therapeutics platform, such data is given to physicians while at the same time taking care of the patients between two visits – that is a great combination that is much needed to improve adherence, better patient satisfaction, and most importantly better outcomes”.

Dr Brij Makkar, Secretary of the Research Society for the Study of Diabetes in India, said, “The need for real time care using technology is very high to curb the burden of diabetes in India. These studies show how clinically validated digital therapeutics when applied in the right way have the power to encourage healthy behaviour amongst the patient population while giving the doctor necessary information to take better treatment decisions”.

“Real world evidence is the gold standard in healthcare. By delivering both data generation and insights to healthcare stakeholders, we enable digital therapeutics to accelerate precision medicine. The studies published in the ADA’s Diabetes Care this year have shown that a combination of standalone improvement in patient outcomes and decision support to physicians , delivered by the Wellthy Therapeutics platform, is an effective real world intervention to combat the growing burden of Type II diabetes in India and Asia”, said Abhishek Shah, Co-founder & CEO of Wellthy Therapeutics.

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