What it means to be a Cardiologist in India today?

Dr Harminder Singh, Senior Consultant, Cardiology, Mumbai

The image of a doctor has undergone transformation in the eyes of the patients and doctors themselves in last one decade. Therefore what it means to be a cardiologist is a very relevant question. Our generation has witnessed this change very well and we have participated in it. I have been practising doctor for 34 years and Cardiologist for 18 years, long enough to see 3 generations of doctors- our teachers, ourselves and our students. The change is visible and palpable.

Why Choose Cardiology?

There were many reasons to choose Cardiology. There is a wide gap between the capability of an MD and a cardiologist. Cardiology is a hands on speciality with so much skilful work to do which also gives the thrill of rescuing a patient out of high mortality situations on day-to-day basis. It also was the highest paying branch with glamour attached to it. Before joining AIIMS as student, I worked briefly as observer at AIIMS and Escorts Heart Institute. Stalwarts like Prof SC Manchanda, Prof KK Talwar, Prof VK Bahl and Dr Ashok Seth were my role models. I saw their knowledge, mannerism, attitude and skills which made me decide that it‘s going to be Cardiology …

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