WIPRO Care, HHF launch exclusive health prog in Telangana

A door-to-door health screening will be conducted by trained counsellors locally hired from the villages

Helping Hand Foundation (HHF), in collaboration with WIPRO Care has launched a comprehensive healthcare program for Women & Children under Maheshwaram Mandal, RR District, Telangana. In the initial phase of the programme five villages i.e., KC Thanda, Kalwakole, Harshaguda, Ameerpet & Kandakur all falling under Maheshwaram Mandal will be covered.


The health programme will be run by HHF and will have qualified doctors, nurses, counsellors, and paramedics. The programme will be supported by WIPRO Care, which runs a factory for the manufacture of SANTOOR products in Maheshwaram.

Before launching the programme, a survey was undertaken in the said villages, which showed that a significant per cent of women suffer from reproductive health issues and have undergone removal of the uterus (hysterectomy), anaemia in women and children is also very common and elderly suffer with refractive errors of the eye and joint pains.  

HHF will run two mobile clinics per week in each of the villages that will provide primary health care services at the doorstep, particularly to women and children. Apart from Primary Care, ante and post-natal care, women’s reproductive health issues and treatment for non-communicable diseases will also be provided. A monthly super speciality under obstetrics and gynaecology will be part of the services. 

The other intervention planned as a part of this programme is to provide education and awareness on menstrual health and nutrition to women from these rural areas. 

A door-to-door health screening will be conducted by trained counsellors locally hired from the villages. The screening will check for anaemia, general health, eye and oral health, and pregnancies. 

An online health app has been designed to capture the information so that the interventions can be tailor-made to each patient.



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