Wipro GE Healthcare launches Remote Monitoring Solution for COVID-19 patients 

Designed and developed in GE’s John F Welch Technology Center, Bangalore, Tele-ICU solution is being used to remotely monitor 800 ICU

Wipro GE Healthcare’s has introduced Remote Monitoring Solution, Tele-ICU, along with the Centricity High Acuity Critical Care Solution (CHA-CC), which is tailor-made to connect Intensive Care Units (ICUs) in different locations or within the same building to central sites. The technology has so far connected 800 beds across several hospitals in India to the hub hospital where highly skilled healthcare professionals can remotely provide advanced consultation and care to their critically ill patients. 


The hospitals which have deployed this solution include Apollo Hospitals-Hyderabad, Kainos Hospital-Rohtak and Apex Hospital-Jaipur. Currently, the ICU beds are connected from the states of Jharkhand, Assam, Maharashtra, Haryana, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. 

Designed and developed in GE’s John F Welch Technology Center, Bangalore, Tele-ICU works on a hub and spoke model where it enables clinicians to provide a similar level of advanced consultation, care and monitoring to their critically ill patients without having to physically transfer them to a super-speciality hospital. 

Dr Shailesh Jhawar, Chief Intensivist, Apex Hospital, Jaipur said, “Wipro GE Healthcare’s Tele-ICU solution has enhanced a healthcare professional’s capability to treat and consult more patients. From a mere 15 patients a day, now I am managing 80-100 patients, so it enhances the quality of the care that we are giving at least by four to five times.” 

Additionally, Wipro GE Healthcare in partnership with MedIoTek (using CHA-CC and MedloTek’s wearable bands for monitoring of patient vitals) enabled 60 home beds to be connected to a central ICU of Saiman Healthcare in Delhi. 

“The pandemic has accelerated the need for out-of-box innovations to tide over the crisis at hand. Our engineers understood this need and customised a solution for it. Tele-ICU is part of Wipro GE Healthcare’s response to support healthcare professionals in aiding them to provide quality healthcare in this time of critical need. This solution makes ICU care accessible to rural India and consolidates the efforts of intensivists. It is a smart way of managing and caring for patients across ICUs whether in a single hospital building or spread across locations,” said Amit Mohan, Head of Life Care & LCS Digital Solutions, Wipro GE Healthcare, South Asia.

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