Women with imperforate anus undergoes successfull surgery at BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital

Doctors remove almost a kg of hard and concrete stool 

A 29-year-old woman from Bengaluru was treated successfully for recurrent fatal intestinal obstruction at BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital. The patient was born with Imperforate anus (inability to pass Motions at birth) for which she went through four complex surgeries from childhood to adolescence. Post the surgeries the patient had multiple episodes of intestinal obstruction which forced her to get admitted to BGS GGH hospital. 


After a few rounds of tests and CT scan, it was finally understood that there was a large concrete (hard faecolith) stool stuck in the pelvic area due to the long-standing stricture of the neo-anal canal along with features of intestinal obstruction with her existing Ileostomy and a substantial length of intestine unused. For a suitable, immediate and permanent solution to this problem, doctors meticulously planned the treatment. After the consent from the family, doctors performed a complex seven-hour relieving the obstruction/reconstruction/ rejoining surgery, colostomy of the Left colon and removal of the concrete stool which has helped Yamini get back to her normal life.

The patient was discharged on the next day of her surgery with proper counselling on adhering to a strict diet plan and ample amount of rest. The recovery period for this surgery was two weeks and now the patient is doing very well. The hospital ensured that her immediate and future needs for appliance costs and accessories are taken care of after negotiating a free service from the Coloplast team.

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