Xcode Life Sciences partners with Diagnostic provider Medall for Non-invasive Genetic Testing

Xcode Life Sciences, a global genomics company, announced its partnership with Medall, provider of diagnostic testing services where the company will offer non-invasive general and targeted genetic testing packages. As part of Medall’s Master Health Check, Xcode will provide a non-invasive genetic testing package along with blood tests, priced at a discounted rate of Rs. 4900. These include:

General Tests: Predisposition to Diabetes, Obesity and Hypertension which will be complimentary to Medall’s Master Health Check Targeted Tests: Nutritional genetics to screen for important mutations in genes such as FADS1 (Omega levels), MTHFR (Vitamin B12), Apolipoprotein E (Heart disease), TCF7L2 (Diabetes Type 2), MCM6 (Lactose intolerance) and HLA-DQ (Gluten Intolerance) among others

Full gene sequencing services for specific genes are also available at affordable prices upon physician’s prescription.

Xcode and Medall have worked towards developing a customized genetic panel which would be a part of the Master Health package that would help in identifying genetic risk factors linked to manifestation of Diabetes, Obesity & Hypertension. Moreover, the service which generally costs more than Rs. 10,000/- in the market would be priced at less than Rs.5,000/-.

Commenting on the partnership, Dr. Saleem Mohammed, Founder & CEO, and Dr. Abdur Rub, …

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