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Yashoda Medicity, Indirapuram, Draeger India join forces to establish modular ICU setup, medical gas mgmt system 

The focus of this project is to prioritise infection prevention control, patient and staff safety, and enhanced hospital efficiency

Yashoda Medicity, the upcoming healthcare facility by Yashoda Foundations in Indirapuram, is collaborating with Draeger India, a renowned global medical and safety technology solutions provider. Yashoda Medicity is the new addition to the renowned healthcare institution Yashoda Super Speciality Hospital, well acknowledged for its exceptional patient care and facilities. Together, Yashoda Medicity and Dräger are embarking on a groundbreaking initiative to establish one of the largest modular Intensive Care Unit (ICU) set up in South Asia. The focus of this project is to prioritise infection prevention control, patient and staff safety, and enhanced hospital efficiency, while ensuring adaptability to respond to the ever-evolving needs of the hospital.


Dr PN Arora, Chairman and MD, Yashoda Super Speciality Hospitals, Kaushambi and Trustee of Yashoda Foundations expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “Our partnership with Draeger India marks a significant milestone in our commitment to delivering exceptional healthcare services. The exceptional modular ICU set up in South Asia will allow us to provide unparalleled patient care, ensuring safety, and efficiency, and setting the highest standards of healthcare delivery in India”.

“This collaboration underscores our dedication and expertise in designing and constructing holistic healthcare facilities that perfectly align with our shared vision of improving healthcare delivery in South Asia. This state-of-the-art facility will be a remarkable addition to our offerings in India. As a company, we are proud to be part of this ambitious project and look forward to the positive impact this endeavour will have on healthcare delivery in the region,” said Dhritimay Dhar, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Draeger India.

“We are delighted to partner with Yashoda Medicity and Yashoda Super Speciality Hospital to establish a facility that integrates the latest technologies, exceptional patient comfort, and optimal clinical outcomes. The modular ICU’s incredible customisation and design flexibility will not only enhance patient safety and operational efficiency but also provide the flexibility to easily scale up or down to meet evolving needs. Undoubtedly, this infrastructure has the potential to revolutionise the patient and caregiver experience in India, setting a new standard for excellence”, said Christian Wurm, Regional Marketing Manager, APAC Region, Draeger Singapore.

“We are thrilled to embark on this momentous endeavour with Draeger India,” said Dr Upasana Arora, CEO and MD, Yashoda Super Speciality Hospitals and Trustee of Yashoda Foundations. “This collaboration represents a significant milestone in our mission to provide world-class healthcare services to our patients. This initiative will play a transformative role in shaping the future of the healthcare ecosystem, and we are pleased that we have taken the first steps towards its realisation,” added Dr Upasana.

The construction of the medical gas management system and the modular ICU setup is already underway and is expected to be completed within the next few months. Once operational, the facility will significantly enhance the critical care capabilities of Yashoda Medicity, providing patients with access to state-of-the-art medical care in a cutting-edge environment.

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