Apollo Proton Cancer Centre expands its Proton Gantry 

Names it Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Therapy Bay

Apollo Proton Cancer Centre (APCC), the first and only Proton Therapy Centre in South Asia & the Middle East expanded its portfolio with another major addition of Proton Gantry named as ‘Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Therapy Bay’. The hospital runs the largest Proton Beam Therapy (PBT) programme in the country which treats patients.

The bay comes with a high-tech, most sophisticated and advanced state-of-the-art treatment delivery technique known as image-guided intensity modulated proton therapy (IG-IMPT). When compared to conventional X-ray-based radiotherapy, this IG-IMPT has minimal to no exposure of normal, healthy organs to radiation. It has a dedicated proton pencil beam scanning (PBS) nozzle and image guidance built in for the delivery of radiation with ultra-precision. Sophisticated mathematical algorithms, the Leoni 6-Dimensional Robotic couch for comfortable patient positioning, PBS, and inbuilt image guidance can result in accurate delivery of radiation to even the most complex tumour shapes with ultra-high precision.

Harshad Reddy, Director-Operations Group Oncology & International, Apollo Hospitals, said, “At Apollo, we have always been committed to providing our patients with world-class quality care. With the introduction of this new gantry, we will be able to detect cancer more efficiently and accurately. At APCC, we have treated over 800 patients from 35 different countries. Apollo is always geared up to bring in the most technologically advanced treatments and processes to India for our patients.”

“The mission of Apollo Proton Cancer Centre is to defeat cancer precisely and redefine clinical benchmarks and outcomes. With the addition of Dr Abdul Kalam Therapy Bay, we will now be able

to provide our patients with brilliant cancer care led by cutting-edge technology. It is a time of major transformation in cancer care, and we are working to lay the groundwork for many more years of improved technology and care,” said, Dr Rakesh Jalali, Medical Director and HOD- Radiation Oncology, APCC.


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