IIMK LIVE Incubates, a startup based at NASSCOM 10,000 Startup Warehouse in Kochi, which tries to address the mental wellness area using the new technology solutions to address the lack of trained experts, lack of availability of these experts to the needy due to the limited infrastructure and the social stigma associated with mental health issues is being incubated by IIMK LIVE. is founded by three IIM Kozhikode, Kochi campus Executive MBA graduates and is being incubated at IIMK LIVE Incubator. The firm started as an academic project has evolved into a full-fledged company with the assistance from IIMK LIVE and is operating from IIMK LIVE.

IIMK LIVE is the Business Incubator and Entrepreneurship Development Centre of IIM Kozhikode with the support of Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. Established in September 2016, the centre is envisioned to function as a business incubator with a purpose of creating a National Centre of Excellence that promotes innovation, new business venturing, and entrepreneurship.

A high priority challenge for parents and teachers in Kerala these days is the lack of interest shown by children in their studies and the high interest and time spent by them …

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