Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai appoints new Board Of Trustees, Niket Mehta opposes move

The newly appointed Board of Trustees has Kishor Mehta and Charu Mehta as Founder Permanent Trustees for Life

Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai has appointed Board of Trustees. The appointment of a new Board of Trustees marks a significant milestone in the journey of Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai towards providing affordable healthcare of international standards. Following the Assistant Charity Commissioner’s decision to terminate the trusteeship of purported trustees on December 14, 2023, which was later upheld by the Supreme Court.  

The newly appointed Board of Trustees has Kishor Mehta and Charu Mehta as Founder Permanent Trustees for Life, alongside Rajiv K Mehta, Rajesh K Mehta, and Prashant K Mehta as Permanent Trustees. They are joined by Sanjay Shroff, Kiran Shah, Tatyaba Palve, Rakesh Khanna, Mohit Mathur and Saurav Sharma.   

Rajiv Mehta said, “The hospital will stand up to its motto ‘More than health care, Human care.’ We aim to reach out to the community at large by partnering with organisations and social welfare groups to enhance charitable efforts. To enhance healthcare access for all individuals, regardless of their socio-economic background, through charitable activities, we plan to do free regular health check-up camps.” 

Prashant K Mehta said, “We are committed to driving healthcare forward with ground-breaking initiatives. By getting international expertise in various fields and robotic technology, we are dedicated to creating a system that prioritises patient well-being and satisfaction above all else.”  

Rajesh K Mehta emphasised the importance of providing patients with affordable healthcare that utilizes innovative technology and incorporates the latest global best practices to ensure quick recovery from their illnesses.

In another development of the legal quagmire at Lilavati Hospital & Research Centre, Niket Mehta, the son of the Lilavati Hospital’s founder, Vijay Mehta has strongly condemned the conduct of Kishore  and Charu Mehta, the two trustees of Lilavati Kirtilal Mehta Medical Trust for misinterpreting the Apex Court Orders.

Says Niket Mehta, son of Vijay Mehta, Founder, Lilavati Hospital, “Current Trustees Kishore and Charu Mehta have been misrepresenting the orders of Assistant Charity Commissioner and Honourable Supreme Court. They are making a blatant attempt to mislead the media and generate some eyeballs to deflect the attention of various authorities by disseminating a press release after 4-5 months of an old order.”

As a matter of fact, the change reports of Kishore & Charu’s three sons Rajesh, Prashant, and Rajeev were also rejected by the Assistant Charity Commissioner on 14.12.2023, and still they are claiming them to be Trustees validated by Supreme Court.

Rajesh Mehta is an NRI and is currently living in London . There was also an Interpol Notice against Rajesh Mehta for financial crimes. He was also jailed for seven months in Antwerp. Currently, Kishore & Charu Mehta and their three sons viz. Rajesh, Prashant, and Rajeev are facing legal proceedings for recovery of willful default by HDFC Bank. Similar cases in DRT are also being pursued by many other banks in India against Kishore & Charu Mehta family.

Moreover, Kishore & Charu have appointed nine trustees unlawfully as two trustees cannot make the coram and vote for any other as per the Trust Deed. Trust Deed clearly says you need three validly elected trustees which are not present in the current scenario.


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