Axio Biosolutions unveils ASK Kit for infantry soldiers, combat vehicles at AFINDEX 2023

The bleeding control kit is specially designed to upgrade the conventional first aid kits available with the BFNAs, armoured vehicles, aircraft jets, submarines

Axio Biosolutions showcased its flagship product, Axiostat – the next-generation advanced trauma Haemostat, designed to save lives in combat situations. The product was launched during AFINDEX 2023 in Pune and was attended by various African and Indian Army contingents.

During the event, Axio Biosolutions also launched its ASK Kit – Axiostat Suraksha Kavach, a bleeding control kit specially designed to upgrade the conventional first aid kits available with the BFNAs, armoured vehicles, aircraft jets, submarines, etc. Indian Army Chief-General Manoj Pandey witnessed and tested Axio’s ASK Kit during the event. The ASK Kit is a crucial tool that can assist soldiers in preventing life-threatening bleeding and Hypovolemic shock, a medical emergency that occurs when blood volume drops to a dangerous level. Hypovolemic shock can cause ischemic injury to vital organs, resulting in multiple organ failures and, in extreme cases, death.

The 10-day programme culminated in a two-day event and exhibition with a focus on fostering positive military relationships, sharing best practices, and highlighting Humanitarian Mine Action and Peacekeeping Operations carried out under the UN mandate. The concluding drill of the second edition of the Africa-India Field Training Exercise (AFINDEX 2023) started on Wednesday morning at Aundh Military Station in Pune.
As part of the event, an “Equipment Display” was organised to exhibit India’s capabilities in defence manufacturing. The display featured 75 domestically produced products from 32 industries that were manufactured under the “Make in India” initiative. African Army Chiefs, as well as representatives and participants from African nations, were also in attendance to witness the showcase.

“Our participation in AFINDEX 2023 was an opportunity to showcase the capabilities of our flagship product, Axiostat, and launch our ASK Kit, which is designed to modernize conventional first field dressing (FFD) and shell dressings for infantry soldiers. Our bleeding control solutions are currently deployed in 300+ defence establishments, including UN peacekeeping forces, and we are proud to continue our support for the armed forces with innovative medical solutions, said Brijesh – Defence Business Leader, Axio Biosolutions.

The company’s flagship product, Axiostat, is currently supplied to more than 50 countries, saving precious lives during the “golden hour” of civilians and soldiers worldwide.

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