BM Birla Heart Hospital unveils ‘Enhanced Cardiac Care’ Program with Dozee 

Dozee will ensure continuous patient vitals monitoring outside the ICU, identifying clinical deterioration early for enhanced patient safety 

BM Birla Heart Hospital has embraced technology with a ‘digital first’ initiative ‘Enhanced Cardiac Care’ Programme. The initiative marks a significant step towards preventive and proactive care by integrating Dozee’s AI-based Contactless Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Early Warning System (EWS) into all ward beds; the hospital moves beyond reactive measures, focusing on continuous monitoring to identify and address clinical deterioration early. 

Dr Anjan Siotia, Director of the Cardiology Department, BM Birla Heart Hospital, Kolkata, stated, “At BM Birla Heart Hospital, our mission has always been to provide world-class cardiac care with a patient-centric approach. The introduction of the Enhanced Cardiac Care Programme in collaboration with Dozee represents a significant leap forward in achieving this mission. By embracing cutting-edge technology, we are not only enhancing patient safety but also setting new benchmarks for cardiac care delivery.” 

Supratik DeSarkar, Unit Head of BM Birla Heart Hospital, Kolkata, added, “The ‘Enhanced Cardiac Care’ Programme underscores our commitment to leveraging technology for the betterment of patient outcomes. By partnering with Dozee, we are enhancing our capabilities to deliver proactive and personalised care to our patients. This initiative reinforces our position as a leader in cardiac care and demonstrates our dedication to innovation and excellence.” 

Gaurav Parchani, CTO and Co-Founder, Dozee, shared, “We are thrilled to collaborate with BM Birla Heart Hospital to pioneer advancements in cardiac care. The ‘Enhanced Cardiac Care’ Program marks a significant milestone in our mission to prioritise patient safety through continuous monitoring and early warning systems. Together with BM Birla Heart Hospital, we are reshaping the landscape of cardiac care, ensuring that patient safety remains paramount.”



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