CAHO, Dozee organise discussion on AI’s role in healthcare

60+ CXOs from leading healthcare institutions across India attended the confluence at Chennai

Consortium of Accredited Healthcare Organizations (CAHO) and Dozee brought esteemed healthcare CXOs from leading healthcare institutions in Tamil Nadu for a symposium on ‘Disruptive Innovations Impacting Healthcare Delivery: Opportunities and Challenges’.

During the conference, participants engaged in discussions spanning several key areas, including technology innovation to ensure a seamless insurance experience for stress-free hospitalization, real-world experiences of implementing AI-based technology at Vijaya Hospital, and AI-based early detection of eye diseases at scale. Among the critical topics explored was the transformative potential of AI and cloud technology in healthcare.

In her address, B Bharathi Reddy, Managing Trustee & CEO, Vijaya Medical & Educational Trust, said, “The transformative power of AI is evident in its ability to enhance patient outcomes, ranging from contactless remote patient monitoring to advancements in medical imaging, ensuring safety, accelerating drug discovery, and revolutionizing telemedicine. AI is poised to revolutionise the very essence of healthcare delivery, not only optimising its efficiency but also rendering it more accessible and affordable to a wider demographic. AI serves as an indispensable ally in elevating the calibre of care we offer, ultimately translating into improved lives and well-being for our valued patients.”

Dr Lallu Joseph, Secretary General of CAHO, said “The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into the healthcare industry marks the dawn of a transformative era, one that is fundamentally redefining the very essence of how we diagnose and treat diseases. Our mission is to guide this transformation responsibly, ensuring the highest standards of patient safety and care.”

The conference also hosted an open house session, allowing speakers to deliberate on the challenges and opportunities lying in the path of implementing AI-based innovations. This platform provided indigenous solution providers with the opportunity to showcase their cutting-edge innovations and elucidate their potential.

Adel J, Chairman, State Chapter – Tamil Nadu, CAHO, added “In our journey towards a healthcare landscape that seamlessly integrates innovation, collaboration becomes the linchpin. By bringing together the collective wisdom of healthcare leaders and the transformative potential of AI, we are poised to revolutionise patient care. It’s a collaborative effort that transcends boundaries and has the power to redefine healthcare delivery in the most patient-centric and efficient way.”

Nitin Thakur, VP – Sales and Marketing, Dozee said “India has a long history of being pioneers of innovation, from the groundbreaking Chandrayaan mission to the revolutionary Unified Payments Interface (UPI) system, India has demonstrated its prowess in embracing disruptive technological innovations. At Dozee, we are steadfastly dedicated to driving India to the forefront of global healthcare innovation. Our mission goes beyond limits, and we aspire to be a catalyst for transformative change that not only elevates the quality of healthcare but also solidifies India’s position as a beacon of innovation in the global healthcare landscape.”

The meet attracted 60+ CXOs and top executives from leading healthcare institutions from across India. The speakers highlighted the growing challenges in the current healthcare landscape and how Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Early Warning Systems (EWS) can help CXOs enhance patient safety and drive higher efficiency to achieve healthcare equity.

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