Elfonze Technologies in merger with iAMPS & Hz’s biz unit

Focussed on AI-EMC Design Synthetics in its portfolio

Elfonze Technologies, a pioneer in enterprise, digital and connected supply chain services is excited to announce the successful merger of iAMPS & Hz’s business unit AI-EMC Design Synthetics as part of the ongoing efforts to enhance and expand service offerings. 

iAMPS & Hz is renowned in the field of Electromagnetic Compatibility, offering specialised services in design, simulation, verification, validation, certification, and calibration. Known for pioneering approaches, the company delivers impactful solutions in lab commissioning and EMC sustainability and ensures robust cybersecurity for embedded systems.  

The strategic merger between Elfonze Technologies and iAMPS & Hz has led to the creation of the SynthEMC AI Platform, a pioneering fusion of AI and EMC technologies that set new industry standards in electromagnetic compatibility design. Dr Ananth Krishna will spearhead the ESDM initiative at Elfonze, bringing along his team of experts.

The development will cover a broad spectrum of sectors, including telecommunications, medical technologies, aerospace, defence, renewable energy, and automotive industries, allowing us to serve a wider array of global clients.

“I am happy to know about this merger, their collective vision to design innovative products and services will support ESDM companies to go global. With their special focus on startups, this comes at the right time and right place in Karnataka. KDEM will always be there to support Elfonze to grow more,” mentioned Sanjeev Gupta, CEO of Karnataka Digital Economy Vision.

“Innovation is not about enhancing what is, but envisioning what could be. As the EMC landscape evolves, standing still is akin to moving backwards. This merger is not just a convergence of capabilities; it’s a fusion of future visions. We at iAMPS & Hz are thrilled to join forces with Elfonze Technologies, as we continue to redefine the boundaries of what’s possible in technology,” said, Dr Ananth Krishna, CEO and Founder, iAMPS & Hz.

“At the current pace of technology, companies can no longer survive through purely incremental improvement, you either choose to disrupt or be disrupted, this merger exactly aims to echo this vision and mission of our Cofounders,” said Vijai Velu, CEO and Cofounder, Elfonze Technologies. 

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