FIND, VIA Global Health to expand quality diagnostics in low- and middle-income countries

The agreement will provide new routes to the market for regional and global manufacturers of high-quality diagnostic tests

FIND announced a partnership with VIA Global Health will provide new routes to the market for regional and global manufacturers of high-quality diagnostic tests, to expand access to testing in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). A collaborative agreement brings together VIA Global Health, a leading online marketplace that delivers medical products to over 80 countries, and the DxConnect Marketplace, conceived by FIND to directly connect buyers with approved test suppliers to serve market segments that cannot access quality products through other procurement mechanisms. 

The DxConnect Marketplace initiative is aligned with FIND’s Global Access Policy, which aims to provide affordable, available, and accessible diagnostics in LMICs. Specifically, the DxConnect Marketplace addresses challenges including insufficient product knowledge, fragmented supply chains, opaque pricing information, and high logistics costs that continue to impede diagnostic access. The partnership with VIA Global Health complements FIND’s efforts to expand the reach of the DxConnect Marketplace so that more people can access quality, affordable diagnostic tests. 

Rapid diagnostic tests from Premier Medical Corporation (PMC) in India were already available to purchase via the DxConnect Marketplace by buyers for LMIC markets. Today’s partnership means that the availability of these PMC products will now be extended to the VIA Global Health platform. 

FIND and VIA Global Health are already working together to include additional diagnostic products and expand the partnership to enable more regional and global manufacturers to reach a wider audience.

Noah Perin, CEO and Co-Founder, VIA Global Health, said: “VIA Global Health, similar to DxConnect, is also a marketplace and distribution channel committed to addressing inequities in global access to quality products, information, and services that enable quality healthcare in LMICs. Our partnership with FIND adds channels to serve the fragmented market with well-vetted suppliers, thanks to the global leadership and expertise at FIND, and we are thrilled to take this collaboration forward.”

Aatish Madhiwala, PMC President/Chief Medical Officer said, “PMC has a long and successful relationship with FIND on a whole host of various products, and we feel that this is no different. For years, we have believed there can be a simpler solution to get high-quality, accurate, low-cost diagnostics into the hands of the public and private sectors in LMICs without the enormous time and financial investments required currently. This project will help this scenario by getting much-needed diagnostics to underserved areas as efficiently as possible. PMC has always prided itself on the high-quality products to be delivered to LMICs, and this partnership only enhances our internal goals and vision. We are looking forward to a positive and fruitful relationship with VIA as well as FIND for years to come.” 

Alexandra Bertholet, Deputy Director, Market Innovations, at FIND, said, “We consistently hear from smaller buyers in LMICs that it is difficult to source quality diagnostic products. The DxConnect Marketplace addresses this problem by increasing awareness of quality diagnostics, and by bringing transparency to prices in the market.”

Emma Hannay, Chief Access Officer, FIND, said, “Partnerships are at the heart of all our work, and VIA Global Health’s mission to distribute medical technologies to underserved communities is closely aligned with our aim to ensure that everyone who needs a test can get one. We are very pleased that the first products available as part of this agreement are manufactured in India, as we work with countries to bolster sustainable, quality diagnostic supply that is critical for tackling everyday health challenges as well as long-term system strengthening that is essential for pandemic preparedness.”

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