Fujifilm India launches TB diagnostics campaign in Assam, Gujarat, Kerala

The campaign will focus on providing doorstep X-ray screening to facilitate TB diagnosis

Fujifilm India has launched the second phase of its campaign on TB “NEVER STOP: SCREENING TO REDUCE DIAGNOSTIC DELAYS” in selected districts of Assam, Gujarat and Kerala. The second phase of this campaign aims to increase awareness of TB as a curable disease and promote screening and early diagnosis among tea sector workers, the difficult-to-reach population in rural and urban areas including the tribal population. Apart from symptomatic screening, Fujifilm would be providing nutrition support to identified TB patients in the Sivasagar district of Assam.


In association with International Union Against TB and Lung Disease (The Union), the project aims to demonstrate a model for promoting early diagnosis of TB by utilizing newer solutions in community settings. Through the campaign, Fujifilm will be offering door-to-door awareness of TB and provide mobile digital X-ray services along with’s computed-aided radiology software application designed with deep-learning for the intervention.

Fujifilm screening initiative aims to reach more than 5 million people and conduct X-rays for around 30,000 identified people using handheld X-ray machines. The project will also facilitate TB testing of identified presumptive cases. 

Speaking about the success of the campaign, Koji Wada, MD, Fujifilm India, said, “We at Fujifilm have always been dedicated to offering the best medical innovations and technologies to improve the quality of life around the globe. Following the success of the first phase of our NEVER STOP: SCREENING TO REDUCE DIAGNOSTIC DELAYS campaign, we are thrilled to start 2nd phase of the project to complement government programme in selected districts by reaching the underserved sections of society. We’re closely working with the National Program to make India a TB-free country and will continue to support this endeavour in the coming months. We are determined to Never Stop innovating and making the world a healthier place.”

Fujifilm is a diamond member of the Corporate TB Pledge (CTP), which is a joint initiative of the Government of India and USAID/India to galvanize corporate support in the fight against TB. CTP Secretariat hosted at The Union under the USAID/ India supported iDEFEAT TB project has been providing necessary technical assistance for investing time and resources in TB space, thereby complimenting NTEP’s efforts. 

In line with the Government’s call to achieve the SDG targets related to TB by 2025, five years ahead of global targets, Fujifilm India aims to raise awareness about tuberculosis as a curable disease among hard-to-reach groups and facilitate early diagnosis of TB ultimately improving people’s quality of life. While tuberculosis is a serious disease, it is completely curable if diagnosed in time and the treatment is completed. 

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