GenWorks launches Tele ECG 

Brings accessibility at affordable costs in remote areas

GenWorks also brings accessibility at affordable costs in remote areas with Tele ECG which works on a hub and spoke model. A Cath lab with a cardiologist is made available in remote areas using technology and the ECG machine is placed with a cloud facility. The heart attack gets picked up by the cardiologist and the moment an ECG is taken, the patient gets shifted to the nearest hospital so that the patient’s life can be saved at an early time. GenWorks has also partnered with prominent hospitals across the country such as Manipal Hospital, Apollo Hospital, Srinivas Hospital, HCG Group, etc. to make this possible. 

Ganesh Prasad, Founder, MD and CEO, GenWorks said, “As we celebrate World Heart Day, we encourage people to follow a healthy lifestyle change and adopt timely medical interventions with timely diagnosis. We work hard to encourage people to adopt a heart-healthy lifestyle and manage underlying health conditions so that the risk of experiencing a heart attack can be reduced remarkably. Regular checkups with a healthcare provider can help assess and manage these risk factors effectively and our team is enabling these checkups until the last mile of the country.”

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