Indian MedTech sector is set for remarkable expansion

Offering MedTech solutions designed to enhance mental health and overall well-being, BramhAnsh Technologies  aims to bring a far-reaching impact on enhancing healthcare delivery

How is the MedTech industry poised to grow in the Indian market?
The MedTech industry in India is poised for substantial growth due to several factors. The increase in healthcare  awareness, coupled with rising chronic diseases, is driving demand for advanced medical technologies. Government initiatives like Make in India and Ayushman Bharat are promoting domestic manufacturing and healthcare accessibility, attracting investments. Additionally, telemedicine and digital health solutions are gaining
prominence, enhancing healthcare delivery. However, challenges such as regulatory hurdles and pricing  pressures need to be addressed for sustainable growth. With a vast market potential and a focus on innovation, the Indian MedTech sector is set for remarkable expansion.


What are the challenges being faced by the MedTech industry in India?

Some of the key challenges faced by the MedTech industry in India are as follows:

Competitive Landscape:

The Indian medical market is primarily dominated by medicines as a solution for migraine treatment, creating a competitive landscape for migraine relief devices.

No Social Value Associated:

Even though medical devices solve problems of a person and are a complete value for money for the customer, a
customer is also very hesitant to purchase a device for his/her well-being because medical devices do not add any social value to an individual which a luxury product like iPhone gives. These points make scaling the sales much more difficult.

Awareness and Education:

Creating awareness about the device and educating both patients and healthcare providers about its benefits can  be a significant challenge.

User Acceptance:

Convincing potential users, including migraine sufferers and healthcare professionals, of the device’s  effectiveness and safety can be a hurdle.

Distribution Channels:

Establishing efficient distribution channels and partnerships with healthcare providers can be challenging but crucial for reaching the target audience.

Multiple Home Remedies:

This is the biggest indirect competitor for a medical device company like ours because every other neighbour of  ours has a household remedy that might cure or treat one’s problem. This makes the market so much more resistant that people prefer to first check the household remedy before going for a medical device like ours.

What are the products offered by BramhAnsh Technologies?
BramhAnsh Technologies offers MedTech solutions designed to enhance mental health and overall well-being. Our flagship product is Migraelief, India’s first wearable device for migraine treatment. Migraelief is a medical- grade device, clinically validated and CDSCO-registered, that utilises patented transducer technology to generate low-frequency sound waves that penetrate skin and bone. Migraelief provides non-invasive, medication-free relief for migraines, with an impressive 82 per cent response rate according to clinical trials. Our commitment extends beyond migraines. We focus on developing technologies that leverage low- frequency sound waves to address
a broader range of health disorders, including anxiety and insomnia. These groundbreaking solutions aim to provide effective, personalised, and non-invasive alternatives to traditional treatments.

Tell us more about your recent innovation Migraelief?
Various studies have shown that more than 700 million people experience sleep problems, migraines, and stress worldwide. Migraelief is the first wearable migraine treatment product in India that uses the neuromodulation  method for treatment Migraelief is a medical-grade device and is clinically validated to provide relief to individuals who have not found success with other migraine treatments. Migraelief is a CDSCO-registered and ISO-CE-certified device that utilises research-backed low-frequency sound waves generated by the developed patented
transducer technology.

What are the plans for the Indian market?
BramhAnsh Technologies envisions significant contributions to the Indian healthcare landscape with its groundbreaking device, Migraelief. Our plans for the Indian market involve widespread accessibility and  awareness, ensuring that individuals across the country can benefit from this innovative migraine treatment.
We are committed to establishing partnerships and collaborations to make Migraelief readily available to those seeking relief from migraines. Through strategic alliances with healthcare providers, pharmacies, and online
platforms, we aim to reach diverse segments of the population. Education and awareness-building
initiatives play a crucial role in our strategy.

We plan to conduct outreach programmes, workshops, and awareness campaigns to inform healthcare professionals and the general public about the efficacy and advantages of Migraelief. By fostering a comprehensive understanding of our technology, we aim to create a positive impact on migraine management in  India. Moreover, we aspire to work closely with regulatory bodies, healthcare institutions, and policymakers to ensure Migraelief’s recognition and inclusion in migraine treatment protocols. Our goal is to position Migraelief as a preferred choice for individuals seeking a drug-free and non-invasive solution to migraines in the Indian market.

What is the current revenue of your company and how much revenue are you expecting in the next financial year?

Since we launched the product in the market in February 2023, we’ve successfully generated a revenue
surpassing Rs 27 lakh. Looking forward, our projections for the next financial year are even more promising, with a target revenue of Rs 4.5 crore. This positive outlook is not just based on our current product but is also fuelled by our strategic plans to introduce a new product into the market. We believe this forthcoming addition will not only enhance our product portfolio but also significantly contribute to our revenue goals for the next financial year. The combination of our existing success and the anticipation of the new product we expect to position for substantial growth in the coming year.

How many products are in the pipeline?

At BramhAnsh Technologies, our vision is to be at the forefront of the mental health and wellness solutions sector. We are persistently committed to achieving this vision through relentless innovation, extensive research, and dedicated development efforts. To realise this commitment, we are thrilled to introduce two groundbreaking
products built on the patented sound wave technology that will address the requirements of patients suffering from hypertension and hearing loss.


Soonyam uses biofeedback to provide users with insights into their mind’s activity, making it an essential tool for meditation and psychological counselling. This novel solution improves mental health and leads to a more  balanced living.

Bone Conducting Hearing Aid
The hearing aid is designed to address specific hearing losses where traditional hearing aids fall short. By conducting sound through bone, it provides an effective remedy for hearing challenges that standard hearing aids cannot adequately manage.

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