Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai launches Roshni Cataract Services

To provide free eye check-ups and cataract surgeries

Lilavati Hospital and Research Centre, a charitable hospital in Mumbai has launched the ‘Roshni Cataract Services’ an initiative aimed at performing free eye check-ups and cataract surgeries for underprivileged individuals.

The event was inaugurated by Permanent Trustees– Rajiv Mehta along with Dr Niraj Uttamani, COO at Lilavati Hospital & Research Centre, Bandra and a team of doctors at ophthalmologist department. This initiative aimed to provide essential eye care services 100 per cent free of cost to those in need while raising awareness about eye health.

Mehta brought attention to the lack of knowledge within communities regarding the importance of regular eye check-ups for early detection and treatment of cataracts. He also stressed that financial limitations often hinder individuals from obtaining essential healthcare services, particularly in rural areas where medical expenses can be a heavy burden on families. 

Dr Uttamani said, “Leading hospitals and stakeholders should work together to develop strategies focusing on prevention, affordable treatment, and education. Collaboration can help reduce cataract-related blindness and improve vision, enhancing the quality of life for those affected.”


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