Molbio Diagnostics collaborates with ShanMukha Innovations

To commercialise affordable point-of-care diagnostic devices to diagnose haemoglobinopathy-related diseases

Molbio Diagnostics is collaborating with ShanMukha Innovations to design develop, and commercialise affordable point-of-care diagnostic devices to diagnose haemoglobinopathy-related diseases.

Shanmukha Innovations has developed SickleCert, India’s first indigenous CDSCO-approved point-of-care confirmatory test for quantitative detection and differentiation of sickle-cell disease/trait. The technology based on High-Performance Optical Spectroscopy (HPOS) demonstrated high accuracy in clinical evaluations and has been approved by ICMR and recommended by the Department of Health Research as a cost-effective field solution for NHM programmes. This platform will soon also be able to test for anaemia and thalassemia.

HPOS provides an affordable and efficient solution to screen large populations as a point-of-care quantitative diagnostic test. With a tiny amount of blood from a finger prick, the test provides highly accurate results in 15 minutes. In batch mode over 40 samples can be tested in an hour enabling a large volume of screenings to be completed in a much shorter time.

Molbio will help Shanmukha with the development, manufacturing and commercialisation of the platform, in line with its vision of enabling the availability of futuristic health technologies to the world.

Sriram Natarajan, CEO, Director and Co-Founder, Molbio Diagnostics, said, “Molbio and ShanMukha are joining hands to collaborate on the development and commercialisation of rapid, low-cost portable devices for the detection of blood disorders like sickle cell anaemia. Molbio brings its vast experience in building robust portable point-of-care testing devices, large-scale manufacturing and sales and distribution expertise into the mix. ShanMukha, with its optical instrumentation and optofluidics expertise, pitches in with proficiency in developing mobile point-of-care solutions to accurately diagnose haemoglobinopathy diseases.”

Prof Sai Siva Gorthi, Founder Director, ShanMukha Innovations, said, “Excited to embark on this strategic partnership with Molbio, which will bring out synergy and achieve common goals of making a huge social impact. As a first objective of our collaboration, we are trying to meet the immediate needs of Point-of-Care Diagnostic Testing of Sickle-Cell Anemia and contribute to the National Sickle-Cell Eradication Mission with HPOS Technology.”

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