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OPPI hosts OTC Health and Wellness Conference to promote responsible self-care

The event brought together industry experts, government officials, medical professionals, and consumer groups to discuss and deliberate on the importance of responsible self-care in India

The Organisation of Pharmaceutical Producers of India (OPPI) organised the OTC Health and Wellness Conference 2023 at PHD House, New Delhi, to promote responsible self-care among individuals. The conference aimed to empower consumers by providing them with evidence-based information on the appropriate use and safety of over-the-counter (OTC) medications. The event brought together industry experts, government officials, medical professionals, and consumer groups to discuss and deliberate on the importance of responsible self-care in India. The OPPI initiative is in line with its efforts of working towards facilitating the government in developing the OTC & self-care framework and adopting a collaborative approach to building a responsible self-care practice in our country.

The conference served as a platform for stakeholders to engage in meaningful discussions and deliberate on the significance of responsible self-care. With the increasing accessibility of OTC medications, individuals must have the knowledge and tools to make informed choices regarding their health and well-being. OPPI’s initiative seeks to create a more informed and health-conscious society and be a stepping stone for the establishment of a robust OTC framework in the country.

Anil Matai, Director General, OPPI, stated, “The OTC Conference serves as a pivotal platform for promoting responsible self-care. Our collective efforts are aimed at equipping individuals with the knowledge and confidence to make informed choices about their health. At OPPI, we are committed to continuing the dialogue on responsible self-care and will work tirelessly to provide consumers with the necessary tools and information to make informed health decisions. Our advocacy decisions, patient commitment, and work are always in the best interest of the country, and we embody the spirit of working for Bharat Ke Liye.”

The discussion at the event shed light on the ways consumer health companies have embraced a responsible marketing approach, aligning their strategies with ethical practices. Moreover, the conference highlighted the economic value of self-care, emphasising its significance not only in personal health but also in the broader healthcare landscape. The role of OTC medications as an enabler for last-mile access to patients, especially in remote areas, was a key focus, highlighting how these accessible remedies can help bridge healthcare gaps. Finally, the conference explored the multifaceted efforts required to foster responsible self-care, encompassing a wide array of topics relevant to enhancing public health and well-being. The insights generated during the conference shall be shared further with Government stakeholders in the form of an event paper, to enable stronger facilitation for the development of OTC & self-care framework in the country.

Milind Thatte, Chair, OPPI OTC committee and Managing Director, P&G Health, added, “As leaders, we recognise that our responsibility extends beyond developing and providing healthcare solutions. It encompasses empowering individuals to take charge of their health. Responsible self-care is not merely a choice; it is a path to healthier lives and a more resilient healthcare system. Through this conference, we aim to inspire a collective shift towards informed decision-making, ensuring that each person is not just a beneficiary of healthcare but an active participant in their well-being. We believe that responsible self-care is the cornerstone of a brighter, healthier future, and we are committed to driving this change.”

The event also felicitated companies for the Consumer Healthcare Awards 2023, to recognise effective, innovative, and successful approaches in the Consumer Healthcare domain in enabling access to their respective products and brands. The awards were presided & judged by a distinguished panel, including Dr Shailesh Ayyangar, Value Accelerator Sector Advisor, Goldman Sachs Asset Management – Healthcare; Vikrant Shrotriya, Corporate Vice President and Managing Director, Novo Nordisk India; Suraja Kishore, CEO- BBDO & TeamX for Mercedes-Benz, India; Monica Gangwani, Executive Director India, Advisory Services, Eversana along with Susan Josi, Independent Healthcare Consultant.

The Consumer Health Brand of the Year 2023 was awarded to Galderma India for CETAPHIL, with Haleon India (SENSODYNE) and P&G Health India (NEUROBION) as the 1st and 2nd runners-up, respectively. The Best Consumer Health Digital Marketing Campaign was jointly awarded to P&G Health (Livogen) and Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd (La Shield), while Bayer India (Saridon- Aarampur) received the runner-up prize. The awards were presented by Chief Guest AK Pradhan, Joint Drug Controller, CDSCO, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.


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