Quantum Corphealth DOCTOR911 application aims to promote corporate well-being

Quantum aims to equip all partnering organisations to prioritise the physical and mental health of their employees

Quantum CorpHealth has released a comprehensive wellness and health app called DOCTOR911. With the introduction of this system, Quantum aims to equip all partnering organisations to prioritise the physical and mental health of their employees. 

DOCTOR911 is a SaaS-based system and can be integrated with any corporate system, making the transition seamless and convenient. Not only is the system made for preventive care, but also emergency support, to provide streamlined healthcare management. There is 24×7 availability of experienced medical professionals, as well as an SOS service with a real-time location-based hospital network of over 2500 hospitals and 5000+ doctors across India. These features ensure that in case of any medical emergency, the golden hour for emergencies will not be missed. 

The app also provides a direct-call action to activate ambulance support when needed, along with a virtual, secure MediLocker service to store all your medical documents carefully and privately. Geo-tag compatible, it can be used at any time, any place, even while travelling. The system’s real-time virtual teleconsultation services and quarterly company-wide seminars also help in keeping employee well-being and satisfaction at a high rate.  

Dr Narendra Vankar, CEO and Founder, Quantum said, “Quantum constantly aims to give its corporate clients the greatest possible user experience. Our recent launch of the DOCTOR911 mobile app is a step in that direction. Corporate clients can now use their mobile devices to browse, connect, and schedule a variety of corporate health and wellness packages. Our mobile platform is among the best in the business thanks to its solid security foundation, numerous functionality, and seamless user experience. We hope to further solidify our position as the industry leaders in healthtech with the release of DOCTOR911.”




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