Signia introduces hearing aids

To tackle the most difficult challenge for people with hearing loss

With Integrated Xperience, hearing aid innovator Signia introduces breakthrough technology that enables hearing aid wearers to hear all speakers in noisy group conversations. Even when speakers move or the wearer turns their head, the hearing aids ensure improved speech understanding for the wearer.


Signia Integrated Xperience is introducing the world’s first hearing aid which identifies and locks onto the voice of every person in a conversation, enhancing their speech and reducing background noise. Integrated Xperience allows hearing aid wearers to fully engage in group conversations naturally even when the wearer or speaker moves around and even if the hearing aid wearer is not directly facing the person speaking or turning their head to engage with others.

“Integrated Xperience is about more than just hearing better. It is about giving hearing aid wearers the confidence to engage, interact, and contribute, especially in noisy group conversations. They don’t have to observe from the sidelines anymore. No other hearing aid can track and enhance multiple speakers in real-time,” explains Avinash Pawar, MD and CEO, WS Audiology India.

Signia’s Integrated Xperience features an all-new RealTime Conversation Enhancement technology that analyses, augments, and adapts to the dynamic flow of conversations. In a study investigating speech performance in a group conversation scenario, Signia Integrated Xperience provided a significant improvement in speech understanding for the hearing aid wearer. 


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