Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital, Karkinos Healthcare deliberate on precision tech

Saarthi a patient-navigation programme was launched at the event

Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital hosted a Global Townhall in association with Karkinos Healthcare. The event featured international and national experts like Dr Keith T Flaherty, Professor from Havard Medicine School, Dr Suresh Advani, Mentor at Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital, Dr Vijay Haribhakti, Director Onco Sciences, at Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital, Dr Prashant Kumar from Karkinos and Dr T Raja, Director -Medical Oncology, Apollo Chennai.

Discussions were deliberated on precision oncology (including each aspect of diagnostics, therapeutics and geo-political landscape). The dialogue further detailed the understanding of the novel, molecularly targeted therapies in cancer and how to measure the development of response. It dwelled on discussing predictive biomarkers to define the mechanisms of action and resistance of novel therapies, as well as to identify the optimal target population.

The event also saw the launch of ‘Saarthi’ a patient-navigation programme. The programme will be dedicated to patients and caregivers who will be collaborating with NGOs countrywide for patient navigation.

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