StanPlus rebrands to RED.Health

Announces four new business verticals to create India’s largest integrated Emergency ecosystem

StanPlus announced four new business verticals to create, build and offer a holistic Emergency Care Network in the country. The company will build new businesses under a new identity, RED.Health. The name change is rooted in the company’s commitment to strengthening India’s Emergency Medical System through Rapid Emergency Dispatch.


Under the RED.Health umbrella, the company will offer four new business verticals in line with its mission to build India’s largest medical emergency response network.

These include:
● RED Ambulances: RED has redefined the emergency response system by providing ambulances in just eight minutes. Expanding its ambulance portfolio, RED will now provide Road ambulances, Air ambulances (RED Air Guardian), Bereavement services (Asth), and Standby ambulances for corporates and events for citizens.
● RED Assist: RED Assist has two segments, one for the hospital partners which includes Centralised Ambulance Management and Outsourcing (CAMO) and the other for Corporate partners which includes doctor-on-call, an online consultation service that links patients with doctors in real-time. A doctor can be consulted for a variety of health issues, from general medical questions to specific health concerns.
● RED Priority Clinics: This vertical aims to connect rural India to the vital healthcare system and provide day-to-day health advisory. Red Clinics provides integrated facilities for consultation, diagnosis, preventive health checks and medicine delivery. RED Clinics will also
integrate with Occupational Health Centers (OHCs) and Infirmary of Corporates, to give best-in-class 1st-degree health care and patient preparation in case of an emergency evacuation.
● RED Academy: It is a dedicated vertical that provides emergency response training for the “Golden Hour”; and it aims to integrate trained paramedics into the healthcare infrastructure.
This segment will also help enterprises and corporates to ensure the safety of their employees in case of medical emergencies, through employee training about critical actions during emergencies like giving CPR to a colleague on the office floor.

To expand its current offerings, the company is also establishing a technology centre within, namely RED Edge, that will strengthen the existing technical support and work on new product development for all the new business verticals. Red Edge, with a vision to revolutionise India’s emergency response system with AI and GPS Mapping, will be leveraged under Suhas Kulkarni’s leadership, CPTO, and Founding member, RED.Health.

Highlighting the larger vision for the brand, Prabhdeep Singh, Founder and CEO, RED.Health, said, “India is making progress in addressing the over 500,000 emergency cases through timely interventions each year. Since the concept of EMS is fairly new, The biggest challenge for EMS has been infrastructure and manpower. With the launch of our new verticals, we are embarking on a new endeavour to build India’s largest emergency network. Our mission is to build this through partnerships and training to deliver expert care with speed, empathy, and reliability. Our tech-led services are the solution in times of crisis and as we transition into RED.Health, we are staying true to our mission of a patient-first approach of saving lives.”

The rebranding coincides with the shift in the brand’s logo, website, and social media channels with the campaign being visible across multiple communication touch points including digital, outdoor and social. In the process of rebranding, the company has also completely rebranded its ambulances and interiors/exteriors of the Clinics, along with our regional offices. Moreover, to strengthen the new brand’s presence, the company also has rebranded the uniforms of its ground staff like drivers and paramedics.


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