Stryker launches SmartMedic, India’s first ICU bed

SmartMedic is a patient care platform which enhances existing ICU bed capabilities at hospitals

Stryker announced the launch of the SmartMedic platform at the 29th Annual Conference of the Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine in Indore.

SmartMedic is a patient care platform which enhances existing ICU bed capabilities at hospitals. The solution is intended to manage changes in patient weight, monitor patient turns from nurse stations and help medical staff to perform X-rays on patients within the ICU, without having to move them. SmartMedic is aimed at reducing patients’ discomfort and providing enhanced care to them while hospitalized at all levels of acuity. The first-of-its-kind platform can wirelessly link to nurse call systems, helping increase the productivity and efficiency of the nursing staff to deliver care, thereby reducing possibly high hospital expenses.

SmartMedic is an effective solution for any hospital because it can be installed and is compatible with any ICU bed. One of the key benefits of this technology is minimising the potential discomfort that critically ill ICU patients may experience during weight-measurement procedures or extended bed rest.

Ram Rangarajan, Vice President, Stryker Global Technology Center, said, “Meeting unmet needs of the Indian market is a key priority for us and SmartMedic is a testament to our efforts in identifying these needs and finding viable market-specific solutions. We are proud that this is an India for India innovation and look forward to partnering with doctors and nurses to enhance critical care and caregiver safety in our hospitals.”

Dr Rajesh Chandra Mishra, President, India Society of Critical Care Medicine (ISCCM) said, “No matter how the hospital infrastructure is currently set up, automation and digitisation are the way of the future. With developing technologies like SmartMedic, we have the opportunity to level the playing field for India’s 1.5 billion people by delivering high-quality healthcare. To deliver the best healthcare and treatment services using cutting-edge technology, these beds rely on the computing principle to access data precisely and directly, efficiently, and with high quality through an intelligent and innovative system that matches the needs of the medical facility and its work patterns. Investments in infrastructure and implementation of technologies like these should go hand in hand to achieve best outcomes.”


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