Varco Leg Care unveils ulcer treatment product

With the introduction of its latest product ‘Ulsr Soothe Max’, Varco® aims to usher in a new era of self-dependent, non-invasive approach in the management of foot ulcers

Varco Leg Care, a consumer health-tech company at the forefront of best-in-class science, phyto-technology and neural network innovation for comprehensively addressing leg health issues, has announced the launch of its new flagship product – ‘Ulsr Soothe Max’ – curated dedicatedly for treatment and cure of foot ulcer.

Formulated with Varco®’s Phyto Transdermal Technology™, the product stands out as a first-of-its-kind, revolutionary solution globally, with the potential to enable complete healing and recovery of individuals from foot ulcers (including varicose veins ulcer and diabetic foot ulcer) and related concerns such as foot blisters, calluses and corns, et al.

Ulsr Soothe Max – an FDA-approved, made-in-India topical cream, that represents a fantastic blend of nature’s healing touch and advanced scientific innovation, is Varco Leg Care’s attempt to mitigate the growing public health burden caused by foot ulcers, while simultaneously redefining existing foot ulcer treatment methodologies and processes worldwide. The product introduces a novel dimension in terms of effective foot ulcer treatment since it can be bought directly by the consumers without requiring a doctor’s prescription, and self-administered by applying it on and around the skin’s surface wherein the ulcer formation has occurred. It has been clinically tested and proven to be efficacious in managing various stages of foot ulcers and allied symptoms, until the penultimate (second last) stage. Depending on the stage of the ulcer, the product, when used regularly, can produce optimal positive results for a foot ulcer patient roughly between 4 to 16 weeks time period.

Anondeep Ganguly, CEO, Varco Leg Care says, “After doing relentless in-house clinical research and trials for nearly one-and-a-half years, we at Varco® Leg Care are delighted and proud to introduce our disruptive foot ulcer treatment product, Ulsr Soothe Max. Powered by our innovative phytotransdermal technology, this is a first-of-its-kind, breakthrough formulation in India and the globe, consisting of the soothing and healing properties of plant molecule extracts, along with a proprietary transdermal carrier. The various active ingredients of this product work synergistically at the cellular level, in a bid to enhance circulation and protein delivery, fight bacteria and balance skin microbiome, repair and regenerate skin tissue, and most importantly, deliver targeted relief and recovery to those suffering from venous ulcers or diabetic foot ulcers.”

Besides, with the aid of its state-of-the-art neural network technology, Varco Leg Care is offering patients the ability to actively self-diagnose find out about their current stage of foot ulcer, and determine the exact time needed to achieve complete healing and recovery. Additionally, the company is deploying a lot of automation, technology and content to improve treatment adherence for its users. This signifies a paradigm shift in the modern-day approach to foot ulcer treatment, empowering people to move away from the traditional ‘wound care’ approach (use of compression, dressings, bandages, etc.) towards largely a ‘self-care’ approach in dealing with their foot ulcer issues.


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