4th OFISACON – Ophthalmic Anaesthesia Conference in Hyderabad

The Ophthalmic Forum of Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists along with L V Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI), Hyderabad will be conducting a two-day conference on September 2 and 3 at LVPEI. This International Congress is organised once in two years by the Ophthalmic Forum of Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists. The session will focus on providing both theoretical and practical knowledge through talks and workshops respectively. The hands-on workshop will provide adequate knowledge to target participants to deal with life threatening emergency situations in the clinic without assistance. It is targeted at both Ophthalmic Anaesthesiologists and Ophthalmologists.

The central idea of this conference is to bring Anaesthesiologists and Ophthalmologists onto one common platform to review current medical practices and guidelines enabling delivery of high quality patient care. Many renowned National and International speakers will talk on various topics in the field of Ophthalmology and Ophthalmic Anaesthesia.


Combining Technology with Science, for the first time ever, a 3D Show on Peribulbar block would be screened. Some of the unique features of this conference are Sub-Tenon’s wet lab session, emulation of eye blocks on mannequin, adult and pediatric Ophthalmic Anaesthesia sessions.

The session also includes scientific lectures covering Medicolegal panel discussion with experts, introduction to       orbital   home concept and hands-on emergency resuscitation workshop.

Experts from LVPEI will highlight various topics like Effective Corneal Surgery, Pediatric Cataract and Squint Surgery, Recent Advances in V‐R Surgery, Newer innovative techniques in Corneal Surgery and an update in Ophthalmic Oncology.

Ophthalmology is the study of the Eye, which deals with treating the eye diseases, correcting visual field defects and providing rehabilitation for the visually impaired or blind. It plays a major role in preventing blindness as 80%of visual impairment is either preventable or curable with treatment as per the World Health Organisation (WHO). Cataract, glaucoma, squint, vitreo-retinal issues, retinopathy in premature infants, cosmetic, corneal transplantation, cancers, refractive issues are some of the most important treatment aspects of this medical speciality.

Ophthalmic Anaesthesia plays a crucial role in aiding ophthalmologists achieve the best possible surgical outcomes to the patient. Majority of the patients who present for surgery are at the two extremes of the population namely paediatric (premature infants and kids) and geriatric (old age) and most often present with multiple risk factors with a risk to life, hence requiring a highly skilled ophthalmic anaesthetic services.


OFISACON is a first of its kind multi-speciality scientific meet in India on Ophthalmic Anaesthesia with an amalgamation of Anaesthesiologists, Ophthalmologists, scientists, clinicians, academicians from various fields to discuss and gain knowledge on best possible patient care and safety. The recommendations of this meeting would go a long way in enhancing the quality of ophthalmic anaesthesia and making a qualitative difference to ophthalmic processes in general. The first three OFISACON meets were held at Chennai, Kochi and AIIMS, New Delhi respectively. LVEPI is hosting the 4th OFISACON 2017 at KAR campus, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, September 2-3, 2017. The two-day scientific programme includes lectures and workshops, and will provide new insights on the principles and practice of ophthalmic anaesthesia by Anaesthesiologists and Ophthalmologists from US, UK, Australia, Singapore, Turkey and other countries. This knowledge sharing is the key aim of the conference.



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