500 leading Indian Doctors participated in 11th edition of the National Insulin Summit at Hyderabad

The two-day National Insulin Summit, conducted by Diabetes Research Society (DIABAID) and supported by Novo Nordisk, the world leader in diabetes care was inaugurated by leading endocrinologists including Dr A. K Das-NIS National Convenor, Dr S.K. Wangnoo, Dr. R K Sahay, Dr. P V Rao, Dr. K G Shetty and Dr. Anand Moses.

The National Insulin Summit with congregation of more than 500 experts in the field of diabetes from across India saw discussions, deliberations and presentations on various aspects of diabetes and insulin management including Insulin therapy in chronic kidney disease; Treatment of algorithms in diabetes: place of insulin therapy; and Basal insulin in the management of type 2 diabetes, etc.


Dr A. K Das, NIS National Convenor said that “Diabetes is one of the most serious health challenges of modern India and it is now proved by various studies that South East Asians are genetically predisposed to have diabetes at a younger age. Delay in diagnosis and treatment initiation may result in people with diabetes having micro-vascular and macro-vascular complications present at the time of diagnosis. The focus of National Insulin Summit this year will be to discuss and share innovations to address diabetes and to transform the lives of the people living with diabetes.”

Melvin Dsouza, Managing Director, Novo Nordisk India said, “Novo Nordisk is committed towards creating awareness about diabetes and enabling people with diabetes are provided with best-in-class quality medication. The National Insulin Summit is the right platform for healthcare professionals to converge and discuss the latest in diabetes care treatment and best practices. We are happy to support DIABAID in their initiative of creating a platform to ideate, debate and share scientific updates on diabetes.”

Insulin remains the only treatment for glucose regulation in type 1 diabetes patients and is often the crucial element in any treatment management plan for advanced type 2 diabetes. Some of the results of late or inadequate treatment of diabetes include complications such as heart disease, hypertension, kidney failure, diabetic retinopathy and even death. However, early and appropriate use of insulin can not only prevent short-term complications, but also reduce long-term morbidity and mortality

Anil Kumble, brand ambassador for Changing Diabetes® and renowned cricketer who was also present at the event said: “It is evident that diabetes is on the rise in India. I am glad to be a part of this Summit which is spearheading treating diabetes in India. The need of the hour is to join the fight against diabetes for a healthy India.”

The event was well received by the participants who benefitted with various informative sessions and will contribute to the modernization of diabetes treatment in India.



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