Aster DM Healthcare rebrands Ramesh Hospitals to Aster Ramesh Hospitals

Of the four hospitals, two are located in Vijaywada, one in Guntur and one in Ongole

Aster DM Healthcare has successfully re-branded the four Ramesh Hospitals in Andhra Pradesh. Of the four hospitals, two are located in Vijaywada, one in Guntur and one in Ongole. All the hospitals will now be known as Aster Ramesh Hospitals.

Dr Azad Moopen, Founder Chairman and MD, Aster DM Healthcare, said, “Our association with Ramesh Hospitals has flourished over the years, with Ramesh Hospitals emerging as the most renowned and trusted healthcare provider in the region, sought after by patients from near and far alike. With the rebranding of the group to Aster Ramesh Hospital, we are all set to become South India’s leading healthcare brand for top-notch clinical expertise, high-end medical care and patient service excellence.”

He also added, “The rebranding is in alignment with our commitment to our India business and growth plans to make quality healthcare easily affordable and accessible for our patients in India.”

Dr Moopen’s family has recently increased their stake in Aster DM Healthcare by 4 per cent to currently stand at 41.88 per cent through an additional investment of Rs 460 crores.”

Dr Nitish Shetty, CEO, Aster DM Healthcare India, said “Through our re-branding efforts, we aim to establish Aster Ramesh Hospitals as a premier multi-speciality healthcare institution in Andhra Pradesh and South India. By fostering the exchange of ideas and leveraging medical expertise, we are dedicated to providing patients with comprehensive and satisfying health outcomes. Together, we strive to redefine healthcare excellence and create a brighter future for all.”

Dr Ramesh Babu, MD, Aster Ramesh Hospitals said, “The association with Aster DM Healthcare has been a transformative collaboration for Ramesh Hospitals. This partnership has not only brought the synergy of a multinational player to Andhra Pradesh but also enabled Ramesh Hospitals to leverage the expertise of highly acclaimed doctors within the Aster Network particularly in robotic surgeries, heart and liver transplantations, advanced oncology services, adoption of best clinical, scientific practices. Aster’s support has been instrumental in obtaining international quality accreditations like JCI and expanding medical tourism in Andhra Pradesh. By incorporating the Aster brand name into our hospitals, Aster Ramesh Hospitals aims to further strengthen its brand and solidify its position as a leading provider of exceptional healthcare services.”


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