BITS Pilani, BFI collaborate to accelerate biomedical innovation

BFI will have a strategic partnership with the institute, an allocation of $600,000 over three years

Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani and Blockchain For Impact have declared a strategic partnership under the BFI-Biome Virtual Network Program to bolster innovation and development for healthcare by supporting initiatives at BITS Pilani. The partnership was followed by an event, BITS Pilani.

Focussed mainly on life sciences and its allied interdisciplinary domains like antimicrobial resistance, biomedical devices and cancer research, BITS Pilani has its compass on spurring innovation in healthcare and life sciences. BFI will have a strategic partnership with the institute, an allocation of $600,000 over three years, to deploy BFI’s intellectual expertise with BITS Pilani’s cutting-edge infrastructure to co-curate research partnership opportunities. The partnership is poised to mark a milestone in accelerating transformative healthcare disruption at BITS Pilani campuses in Pilani, Hyderabad and Goa. 

The event at BITS Pilani saw Prof V Ramgopala Rao, Vice-Chancellor; Prof Sudhir Kumar Barai, Director BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus; Prof Sanket Goel, Dean Research & Innovation; Prof Sunil Bhand and Dr Syamantak Mazumdar, BITS BioCyTiH Foundation Project Directors; and Dr Ashis Das, Senior Professor of Biological Sciences. Representatives from BFI including Dr Gaurav Singh, CEO; Dr Pooja Agrawal, Program Director; and Dr Satya Prakash Dash, Senior Advisor, were present. 

Sandeep Nailwal, Visionary Founder of Blockchain For Impact, appreciated the addition of BITS Pilani to the esteemed BFI-Biome virtual network. He said, “The $15 million BFI-Biome initiative represents a paradigm shift, encouraging collaboration between leading researchers, technologists and innovators to pioneer the next generation of health interventions. With BITS Pilani, an Institute of Eminence now part of the coalition, BFI-Biome is positioned to support impressive research efforts aimed at transforming health solutions in India and across the Global South.”

Expressing his excitement about the partnership, Dr Gaurav Singh, CEO, BFI said, “The BFI-BITS Pilani partnership is a milestone in the development of home-grown solutions to India’s pressing health challenges. Through targeted research and BFI support, we drive innovation for better public health outcomes. Our collaborations with top institutes like IISc, CSIR-CCMB, IIT Bombay, FNDR, TCG CREST, Venture Center, AIC-CCMB and recently launched our BFI-Biome Medical Institute of National Importance Grant accelerate medical research and improve patient care in India.”

Prof Rao, Vice Chancellor, BITS Pilani shared his thoughts about the partnership, “At BITS Pilani, we are committed to creating effective partnerships. Our collaboration with Blockchain For Impact (BFI) accelerates biomedical innovation and leverages our expertise and facilities to pioneer transformative healthcare solutions. This alliance reflects our commitment to using technology and collaboration to solve global challenges and improve lives. Together with the BFI, we are creating a healthier and more innovative future.”


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