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Budget 2018 Expectations – Neeraj Lal, Cluster Head & Vice President-Bangalore Operations, Rainbow Children’s Hospital

Budget 2018- Expectations of the healthcare sector.

  • Subsidized healthcare insurance for children and elders with better and broader coverage.
  • Better services and availability of diagnostic services at Primary Healthcare Centre
  • Setting up of new multi-specialty hospitals at Taluka level in rural India.
  • Better allocation of funds for care of pregnant woman (providing nutritious food and medicine during pregnancy)
  • Income tax rebates for private hospitals which are empanelled for govt. schemes and for those involved in CSR activities regularly.
  • Better funds allocation and appointment of doctors to create health awareness in rural and urban areas. Awareness especially on hygiene, early diagnosis of diseases.
  • Adding of post-graduation medical seats as the existing numbers are very less.
  • Better and quicker care for BPL patients for cancer and heart related diseases.
  • Rationalizing the cost of chemotherapy and radiation therapy costs similar to stent cost.
  • To run massive immunization programs for all vaccines similar to Polio vaccine.
  • To include physiotherapy, and other similar rehabilitation therapy and wellness programs like Yoga in all Government hospitals.
  • To provide better training programs to Primary health care workers to focus more on prophylactic care and promoting healthy lifestyle among the individuals.
  • To balance the demand and supply of generic medicines at Government hospitals and Pharmacies.
  • To focus and allocate more funds to Research and Development in Healthcare Sector.
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