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Post Budget Quote 2018 – Dr Anand Bansal, Medical Director at Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute

Dr. Anand Bansal, Medical Director at Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute“Undoubtedly, this budget is like a boon for the poor population as the government has planned a lot, which will benefit the masses directly. The allocation of  Rs.1,200 cr. for the health wellness centers programme under which 1.5 lac health and wellness centers will be set up. I highly appreciate the National health protection scheme which will provide Rs 5 lac per family annually for secondary and tertiary care hospitalization. This is the world’s largest health programme and will surely reduce the healthcare burden. The govt. has also encouraged the citizens in this budget to invest in healthcare policies for elderly in their family by conferred them with increase in tax deduction and hiked section 80-D limit for senior citizens. Also, we hope that the initiative of financial assistance of Rs 500 a month to tuberculosis patients will encourage masses to undergo treatment for TB which leads to eliminating of this disease. One medical college per every three Parliamentary constituencies is another appreciable step taken by the government which will surely be fulfilling the shortage of doctors in India”.

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