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Buy Indian Policy for Medical Devices – Lacks Boldness, Lost Opportunity

Mr Rajiv Nath, Forum Coordinator, (AIMED)  Association of Indian Medical Device Industry has expressed deep concern over the Guidelines for implementing the provisions of Public Procurement (Preference to Make in India) Order (PPO) issued by DoP.

“Government of India has the intent but lacks boldness – half hearted attempts will get half hearted results. It is a clear case of a lost opportunity to promote indigenous manufacturing of medical devices to boost ‘Make in India’ initiative,”  said Mr. Rajiv Nath

If lowest price of tender bid is imported – Indian Manufacturers (who meets criteria of Domestic Content) has option to match lowest price and seek 50% of tender. If lowest is Indian, no added advantage of course.

DiPP/ DoP need to do a study of gains made (if any) by any MSME in winning Tenders in past by matching L1 Pricing of imported Chinese products to win 20% of Tender under the MSME Policy . If an Indian manufacturer finds it unsustainable to match L1 of lower priced Chinese Imports to get 20% of the business as was earlier too possible then what is the use of this Policy to get 50% of the tender  ?

We can match prices of any country other than China as …

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