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Changing Surgical Care

Prothom Chakravorty, Founder, House of Doctors start-up talks about how surgeries can be made more economical

With healthcare being digitised at a rapid stage how does the House of Doctors going to make an impact?
Our primary aim is to provide top quality medical treatment majorly backed  by the most advanced technology
and highly experienced doctors. By leveraging the technological advanced techniques, House of Doctors is able
to provide treatment with minimum invasive techniques, compared to traditional surgical methods. Which
often are more painful and requires a longer hospital stay and huge scars are left behind.


Moreover, using technology we aim to deliver stress-free end-to-end patient experience, right from Diagnosis to Surgery to Recovery.

How many doctors are associated and how many hospitals have you tied up?
In three months of operations, we have onboarded 30+ hospitals in Mumbai. These are state-of-the-art infrastructure, where our patients’ surgery is conducted. We have launched six specialities which are proctology,
varicose veins, hernia, urology, cosmetic surgery and orthopedics. HOD has 25+ surgeons across the specialities. And all our doctors are highly experienced and are even titled to be award-winning surgeons. We have started operations in Indore from July 1.

What type of technology is being used by the House of Doctors to reach to more number of patients?
We are currently dependant on the digital platforms in order to reach out maximum patients. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram provide opportunity like never before for new brands to reach out to their target audience. Google platform is a major source for us to generate fresh leads.

Tell us about your business model.
House of Doctors is a surgical platform focusing on elective surgeries which works on an asset-light business model. Our aim is to provide treatment with most experienced doctors at an affordable cost with a stress free
experience. We make sure there is 100 per cent transparency, education shared with patients at every step of one’s journey right from diagnosis to surgery to recovery.

We offers end-to-end services across a range of specialities : proctology, varicose veins, hernia, urology, ophthalmology, cosmetic surgery and orthopaedics.

We ensure a truly smooth experience for every patient; Right from discovery of the right doctor, easy booking of
appointments, receiving detailed diagnoses, assistance with insurance paperwork, commute from home to the
hospital and back, smooth admission and discharge processes, and follow-up consultations post-surgery.

Being a start up, how are you managing the funding? Any challenges faced to procuring funds?
There several aspects a start-up is required to identify, out of which the most important factor is the cost and
expenses the business model will have to incur. Considering the rotation cycle of funds, we plan our growth strategies. House of Doctors has been able to generate positive cash flow from its second month of operations itself. Such sustainable and revenue-generating models makes it easier to manage and plan funds.
We were able to raise seed funding form an angel investor from the healthcare industry, which helped us to
get a kickstart and allowed us to reach certain milestones for a start-up. We are currently in talks with VC’s to
raise pre series A round of funding to support growth plans.

What will be your growth projections five year down the line?
As we have already started the development of our operations for upcoming city launches, we plan to be
having a strong Brand presences pan India, focusing more towards Tier-II and III cities. While even introducing other surgical specialities rather than only elective surgeries. We should be able to witness a thousand surgeries a month for House of Doctors.We even plan to diversify our involvement in doctors training modules, foreign medical tourism, TPA and Insurance ecosystem as well.

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